Simen Mitlid – ‘Trying’

Simen Mitlid is a Norwegian singer-songwriter hailing from the woodlands of Os, who has a precocious talent for lush, Nordic indie-folk.

Mitlid is preparing a follow-up to his wonderfully charming 2017 debut LP, Everything is the Same this year and having already treated us to the beautiful ‘Saturdays’ and ‘Tell Me Everything’, Mitlid completed the trifecta with new single ‘Trying’. It is gentle, bright and buoyant two-minutes of divine indie-folk. Bathed in a warm glow ‘Trying’ is intimate and touching, as it serenely bobs along buoyed by a perky mood, gentle strum, glimmer of organ/synth and irresistible melody. Amid the warm glow, there is a mild dose of melancholy due to Mitlid’s rich, emotive and tender vocal which is tempered (and equalled to perfection) by the soothing female vocals, for which sadly no name is attributed. Mitlid’s output this far has been nothing short of astounding and thankfully he shows no signs changing – ‘Trying’ is yet another absolute treasure.

Nothing concrete on the new album as yet – title, release date etc. – but for now, sit tight and enjoy ‘Trying’.

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