Lauran Hibberd – ‘Hoochie’

Isle of Wight native Lauran Hibberd has built a rep for irresistible fuzz-filled indie pop.

Hibberd kicked off 2019 with pulsating and satirical anthem for the financially troubled with ‘Sugardaddy’ and she is back parading the irresistible facets of her brand of melodic, indie-pop goodness with new single ‘Hoochie’. This is three-minutes of guitar-pop perfection. It is endearingly ramshackle, garage-indebted slacker-pop with an fizzy energy and that signature tongue-in-cheek humour and attitude. ‘Hoochie’ is sweet and coated in a warm layer of fuzz, adorned with hooks you could hang your hat on and those riffs, they are just sensational.

Listen to ‘Hoochie’ below:

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