Rad – ‘Universe’

Rad is the musical handle of 24-year-old Brooklyn-born rapper and producer Radames Duran.

Currently residing in Queens, Rad preoccupies himself with writing and producing music with ethereal lyrics and subtly bass-focused beats and latest single ‘Universe’ is a case in point. Dreamy, laid-back and dripping with melody, ‘Universe’ is a hope-filled tale of inspiration and positivity, carefully crafted, it is heartfelt and honest, and not preachy. It slowly shuffles along with a breezy vibe and exuding a smooth and soulful aura with vocals from Duran and guest vocalist Chelsea Joy Cabrega adding another level of beautiful chills and thought provoking contemplation. An absolutely wonderful slice of dreamy blissfulness and one that will render you powerless to resist its allure.

Tune into ‘Universe’ below:

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