AB001 and Avid Dancer – ‘Anything’

AB001 and Avid Dancer are a collaborative pairing with a penchant for woozy, swirling and seductive bouts of psychedelia.

AB001, the moniker of musician & producer Alessandro Buccellati has joined forces with Jacob Dillian Summers, better known as Avid Dancer, for new single ‘Anything’ – and it is a dreamy, psychedelic feast. A washed-out, psych-dream, ‘Anything’ is fuelled by a propulsive rhythmic surge and meaty basslines that wind their way through a spiralling world of trippy effects and cosmic reverb. It is ever so hypnotic a haze, especially the whispery vocals sails above in a woozy free-floating manner. ‘Anything’ manages simultaneously to be dreamy, ethereal and grunt with a serious power – no mean feat; this is one of the most seductive bouts of swirling psychedelia you are likely to hear this year. Utterly brilliant.

Listen to ‘Anything’ below now:

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