Hugo Monster – ‘Can’t Believe In Miracles’

Hugo Monster is a rapper and hip hop artist from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Now, while he has been serving up hip hop tunes for a few years across the water, with a slew or releases to his name, new single ‘Can’t Believe In Miracles’ is our first encounter. Not only is it a fine opening introduction, but ‘Can’t Believe In Miracles’ marks Hugo Monster as a master for crafting classy, breezy and elegant hip hop tunes. A hazy glow sprouts from an irresistible soft wave of hypnotising jazzy vibes and warm, crackling beats, shimmering like a heat haze of scorching summer’s day. This beguiling, washed-out textured haze of dreaminess shifts seductively, slowly undulating and providing a perfect backdrop for Hugo Monster’s authoritative but laid-back brogue, and devilishly silky lyrical flow. Laid-back and grooving, it is irresistible and distinctive, and you will be powerless to resist nodding along to.

Check out ‘Can’t Believe In Miracles’ below:

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