Touboura – ‘Awakening’

Touboura is an instrumental kraut/space/drone electronica outfit from Greece.

Revolving around the talents of Sofia Touboura, these are experimental, imaginative sounds imbued with of wonderment and awe, and none more so than latest single ‘Awakening’.

A three-and-a-half minute long hypnotic intrepid adventure in sound and space. Opening with an ever-progressing, relentless rhythmic surge, bouyed by a motorik beat, it gains in intensity before stopping abruptly, succumbing to the enveloping blissed-out airy synthscapes before rising again, amid a haze of hissing noise, distortion and fuzz which begins to fade as cosmic sounds cascade and chime, as rhythmic surge electrifies us once more. A heady brew of swirling psych, beautiful spaced-out noise and Motorik rhythms, it is a wonder of imagination and ideas that finds a home in your consciousness. An enthralling, intrepid and awe-inspiring experience.

‘Awakening’ is the second single lifted from (I died so many times that I became) Immortal EP released via To Pikap Records – you can find it here.

Listen to ‘Awakening’ below.

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