Eugenia Post Meridiem – ‘Low Tide’

Eugenia Post Meridiem are an Italian outfit, who are something of a United Nations of sound, with the four-piece having been based all across Western Europe throughout its short existence.

However, continental exploration aside, Eugenia Post Meridiem have struck gold with their debut single ‘Low Tide’. It moves slowly, smoldering with wistful emotion as it goes amid a shifting mist of atmospheric, dreamy and psych tones, marked by a sparseness and dark mood. Waltzing as it does, ‘Low Tide’ is transfixing and truly captivating with the dilated space allowing room for Eugenia’s delicate, fragile (and at times trembling) yet warm vocals to breathe and add another layer of stirring emotion and deeply, majestic beauty. A dreamy, wistful and heart-strung whirlwind of emotion.

‘Low Tides’ is also the first taste of Eugenia Post Meridiem’s debut album In Her Bones, which is expected later this, and as far as first impressions go, they don’t get much better than this. If this single is indicative of what’s to come on the album, we may be in for quite a treat.

‘Low Tide’ is out now on Factory Flaws. Tune in below.

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