Spooky Cigarette – ‘In Due Time’


‘In Due Time’ is the latest single from San Diego-based outfit Spooky Cigarette.

Formed in 2015, they are something of a pop music recycling plant, melting down bits and pieces from decades past (’60s, ’70s, ’80s & ’90s) and press it all into something new and rather exciting – something their new single ‘In Due Time’ will attest to. An upbeat, jaunty tune comprised of parts Motown, The Specials, Damon Albarn and, well, Spooky Cigarette. Resplendent with twangy guitars, pop melodies, hand-claps-a-plenty, peppy drums and hooks you could hang your coat on – it is simultaneously familiar yet fresh, and both catchy yet chilling. In Short, ‘In Due Time’ is a fantastic song – and one that’ll be going around your head all day.

Listen to ‘In Due Time’ below:

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