Americanadian – ‘Get Out of My Head, Thank You’


Philadelphia outfit Americanadian began life in 2015 as the musical project of Serena Scalzi. After working alone for a bit, she decided to get some friends – Nina Fuchs (drummer), Abby Woodcock (keys), Hank Byerly (bass), and Michael Algarra (lead guitar) – involved; and thus the full incarnation of Americanadian was born.

Revolving around by Scalzi’s entrancing vocals, the band craft irresistible, lush dream-pop jams that carry a sweet-like-candy melody with just the slightest hint of laid-back and endearingly ramshackle DIY indie. The band’s latest single ‘Get Out of My Head, Thank You’ does all that with a swooning, heart-aching tenderness. Scalzi shows off her subtle, yet impassioned vocals ride a melodic haze leaving you blissful transfixed. Between the brightness of the guitar and the softness of the vocals, it will leave you pretty powerless to resist.

Listen to ‘Get Out of My Head, Thank You’ below – it will take its place on a forthcoming EP slated for release in early 2019.

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