Tomos – ‘Surface Tension’


Originally from West Wales, Tom Morgan aka Tomos traded these quiet peaceful surroundings for the vibrant streets of South East London, and it is a transition which is reflected in his elegant blend of electronica.

Drawing from the calmness of the countryside and the spirited energy of the city, Morgan alludes to the often overlooked simple pleasures and narrow slices of life in his music. Tomos’ captures this juxtaposition of calm and energy with perfection on his debut single ‘Surface Tension’. A wonderful piece of lush, elegant, bright and soul soothing electronica that oozes with feel-good vibes that glide gracefully across dreamy surroundings and a soft tempo. A perfect companion for Tomos’ soft, soothing and transfixing vocals which are engulfed in ethereal tones and tranquil textures.

Sit back, relax and tune into ‘Surface Tension’ below.

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