Thomas Dooley – ‘Rosy Retrospection’


Thomas Dooley is Philadelphia musician with a penchant for woozy, interstellar psychedelic-pop sounds.

Dooley writes and records all his music, late at night, in a room he shares with his younger brother which might explain the relaxed, lullaby vibes emanating from his debut single ‘Rosy Retrospection’. All spacey, celestial wonderment and awe, ‘Rosy Retrospection’ blends woozy keyboard lines, playful synth effect with a harmonic and hushed, lilting lyrical sensibility. A dreamy pastoral, tranquil undulating tune that twinkles with its majestic sparkles, proggy tones and sweet 60’s orchestral pop charm. A beautiful, melodic and interstellar psych-pop exploration that is a joy to behold.

Tune into ‘Rosy Retrospection’ below, it is magnificent.

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