Psychic Love – ‘Go Away Green’


The LA-based trio Psychic Love – spearheaded by Laura Peters along with Max Harrison (guitar) and Liam McCormack (bass) – have returned, releasing new material for the first time since their 2016 debut album.

The new single ‘Go Away Green’ sees them resume their love affair with woozy, dreamy indie stylings. Swaying with a woozy, mesmerizing melodic quality as it ebbs and flows through hazy surroundings of reverb and mild distortion. Amid the dreamy guitar and propulsive surges of drums, Peters’ smokey vocals bristle with nostalgia and melancholy, yet with an undercurrent of defiance. An atmospheric, woozy cut that oozes a richness and a compelling, smouldering emotional weight. A fantastic return from Psychic Love and one that will take its place on a so far unnamed EP.

For now, Check out ‘Go Away Green’ below:

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