Elly Swope – ‘Idea’


Elly Swope is a multi-instrumentalist based in Portland, Oregon. Swope’s sound is a rambunctious, raw and racey mix of angular guitars and upbeat, art-punk hijinx; think St. Vincent and Courtney Barnett, as well as a dose of The Futureheads and early day The Strokes.

‘Idea’ is the first single lifted from Elly Swope’s debut EP It Feels the Same Everytime, out via Rue Defense, on November 9. ‘Idea’ is fizzing with vitality as it races round and round like a high-powered Catherine wheel with sparks a plenty. It is a freewheeling three-minutes of spiraling art-punk hijinx propelled forward by bursts of forceful, angular guitar work and scintillating vocals, yet it contains a sweet side, tempered by a melodic sensibility and hooks you could hang your hat on! For all the bright energy, the song’s darker themes, namely dissociating after a breakup and its impact on self-worth and identity are somewhat at odds pop sensibilities of ‘Idea’, Swope makes it work.

Tune into ‘Idea’ below & keep your eyes peeled for the EP coming.

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