Spirit Award – ‘Supreme Truth’


Seattle-based psych-rock trio Spirit Award are preparing to release new album Muted Crowd in the autumn, the follow up to 2017’s Neverending.

Ahead of he forthcoming record, the trio have dished out a tasty preview in the shape of melodic and breezy whirlwind of noise that is ‘Supreme Truth’. A hazy offering of exhilarating, overpowering and ever expanding warped psychedelia, ‘Supreme Truth’ unleashes a spiraling, focused energy that whizzes through darkness and light, juxtaposing one another amid an entrancing kaleidoscopic lens of sprawling guitars, hazy distortion and warm fuzz punctured mildly by stabs of guitar jangle. It is a magical off-kilter patchwork for the ethereal vocals to leave their mark.

A sizzling, spectacular taster of what may be in store on new album Muted Crowd – until then, time to get acquainted with ‘Supreme Truth’.

Henry Chadwick – ‘Change’


California musician and songwriter Henry Chadwick has spent the summer drip feeding us charming and lovable singles ahead of his debut record, Marlin Fisher.

Ahead of his debut album’s release on August 31, 2018, Chadwick has shared a third single from the forthcoming record called ‘Change’. Broadly speaking Chadwick’s sound is ‘indie’ but it flits between genres and eras, with influences old and new (The Kinks, T. Rex, The Strokes, Courtney Barnett, etc.) while maintaining a sound all of his own – and as with previous single ‘Bag of Chips’, ‘Change’ certainly fits that mold.

Chadwick is once again exhibiting an expert talent for quality and thoroughly catchy songs. Underscored by a steadfast electronic drum beat, ‘Change’ is a warm feast of upbeat fuzz-filled fun. Crunchy guitars, catchy hooks are splashed together and coupled with an ear for melody, provide a perfect drop for Chadwick to let fly with the vocals. A superlative blend of mildly punchy, sweetly sung and irresistible fuzzy-pop; Chadwick’s modus operandi.

Listen to ‘Change’ below (previous single, ‘Bag of Chips’ is here too) and keep an eye out for the debut at the end of the month.

Party Hardly – ‘Terry Shure’


Following a string of singles, Leeds quartet Party Hardly are planning to release their forthcoming debut EP Cycle Of Life this autumn.

Ahead of the EP, Party Hardly have afforded us a sample of what we might expect courtesy of single ‘Terry Shure’.

It is a magnificently jaunty, melodic and off-kilter cut of woozy flavoured indie. Centred around the dual forces of drawling vocals and hazy guitars, and following a wonky trajectory ‘Terry Shure’ evolves and swells into something colourful, imaginative and extraordinary. Shifting along a bed of jaunty guitar and steady beats, after the four and a half minutes of shape-shifting, hazy indie ambiance we’ve something as infectious as any of the finest Super Furry’s sing-a-long moments and akin to an oddball, absurdist version of Modern Life is Rubbish era Blur.

Jaunty, wonky, dreamy and melodic yet jarring – ‘Terry Shure’ is a charm and idea-filled delight.

Tune in below:

Cosmic Strip – ‘Heavenly’


Cosmic Strip is a London-based outfit revolving around frontwoman Camella Agabalyan, who, with her her ‘cosmic friends’ – Alice (guitar), Jack (bass), Omar (drums), and Jay (synth) – carefully weave a sound self-described as “music to move the stars”.

Following an eight-month gap from darkly alluring previous single ‘Echo Chamber’, Cosmic Strip have returned with ‘Heavenly'; a heady brew of beautifully hewn shoegaze with flourish of psych. ‘Heavenly’ is a beautiful return, all about mood and atmosphere, it thrives within the layers upon layers of shimmering guitars and spacey atmospherics. From this cloud of melodic mist, humming bass and reverb ascend to new levels of sound as dreamy guitars wrap around each note and Agabalyan’s sweeping honeyed tones float atop as ‘Heavenly’ rushes past in an intoxicating haze, as it pushes higher and higher.

A lush, addictive and colourful single, you can check it out below.

Klangplanet – ‘Eternity’


German producer KLANGPLANET – aka Frieder Mollat – is probably the most frequently featured artist on the blog over the past 12 – 18 months – and why not?

To date, Mollat has been a reliable source of nocturnal, brooding house-inspired wizardry, while more recent single ‘Stars’ offered a slightly different flavour of bubbling positivity set to a glistening backdrop. ‘Eternity’ represents a crossover point, a melding of the two if you will; taking his preference for late-night electronic ambiance and treating it with layers of playful shimmering synths and bouncy beats with some elegant, crystalline vocals adding some more nocturnal chill.

You can check out KLANGPLANET’s latest below & the debut album is available here.