Darryl Rahn – ‘The Grey’


Darryl Rahn is a Brooklyn-based indie, folk, and pop artist who seems to have a natural knack for blending a modern indie sensibility with classic 60s/70s folk and popcraft with an effortless ease.

Rahn’s latest single – lifted from his forthcoming new album – ‘The Grey’ is the personification of his delectable talents. From the first gentle strum, Rahn will have transfixed under ‘The Grey’s’ irresistible spell. A melodic and charming delight, it basks in a warm glow as a gentle guitar shimmers and keys twinkle to the tune of Rahn’s emotive, wistful voice. An utterly divine creation of rather splendid allure that will whisk you far, far away,

Listen to ‘The Grey’ below now:

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