Mama Kokomo – ‘Primavera Feel’


Los Angeles-based dream pop three-piece Mama Kokomo has just released their hazy first single ‘Primavera Feel’ and it’s bringing the gorgeous, slumbering vibes of a somnolent summer day.

The trio – Krista Michaela, Hank Smith, and Dorvin Borman – have a penchant for atmospheric instrumentation, jangly percussion, and psychedelic soundscapes, something born out perfectly on their debut single. ‘Primavera Feel’ sort of floats, along a warm, dreamy groove in a sea of lush undulations, in which it shimmers and sparkles. While most definitely permeated by a burning sense of longing, there is an understated feeling of defiance as it fizzes with a brimming positivity. A warm, dreamy and downright magnificent delight.

Listen to ‘Primavera Feel’ below – it doesn’t disappoint.

Dobchinsky – ‘Ramabama’


Dobchinsky are a Moscow-based electronic outfit whose preference is experiment with electronics, oscillating on the energies of funk, lounge, downtempo & chillout.

Their most recent singles ‘Ramabama’ combines all these disparate elements to form a fun-filled and funky fix of upbeat summery vibes. Shuffling along a funky groove and big, bouncy beats it is resplendent with it’s bursts of colour, radiant sunshine and irresistible melody, lead by a electro-violin. Upbeat, fun and funky; and yet nicely chilled, laidback and carefree; a rather nice combo just in time for summer. All in all, it is superb and not to dissimilar to what you would expect from the stellar Mr Scruff.

Get in tune with the fun-filled frolics of ‘Ramabama’ below.

The Charlatans – ‘Totally Eclipsing’


The Charlatans are a gift that keep on giving; almost three decades of delivering great music and they aren’t about to stop now.

Far from trading on past glories The Charlatans – and indeed front man Tim Burgess – seem to have a real zip about them in recent years; great records, collaborations and books (Burgess’ two books to-date are sublime), and it is the former which concerns us today.

The Charlatans have released new EP ‘Totally Eclipsing’ today (June 8th); and with it, lead single of the same name. ‘Totally Eclipsing’ is a supremely catchy piece of jangle-pop perfection. It whizzes and fizzes along, wrapped up with a sunny disposition matched by a hazy summer feel; a magical mix of bouncy, jovial jangle-pop dripping with smiley melody. This is one of those infectious tunes that will be bobbing around inside your head all day and that, by the way, is a very good thing. ‘Totally Eclipsing’ is up there with the very best of The Charlatans’ output over the past 30 years and that says something!

Check out ‘Totally Eclipsing’ below & the EP can be found in all the usual haunts.

Francobollo – ‘We’re Dead’


London-based Swedes Francobollo like to mix it up in their fearless quest to create songs which blend, morph and encompass styles by the bucket load; parts indie, part glam, part psych, prog and post-punk, and generally brilliant.

Latest single ‘We’re Dead’ is a taster from an expected second LP; the follow-up to last year’s debut album Long Live Life. While it maintains Francobollo’s unshakable scintillating sparkle and brightness, it is reminiscent of early purveyors of the loud/quiet dynamic, a la The Pixies, ‘We’re Dead’ takes a dig toward the unhealthy obsession with social media. However, well pointed cynicism aside, it is irresistibly catchy as bouts of buoyant pop melodies and buzzing guitars dance  with sporadic but energetic bursts of screeching guitars and swaggering vocals, burning basslines and pounding drums. Francobollo have, what appears to be an innate, natural knack for a toe-tapping melody that worms its way into your head – and will stay there.

Tune in to ‘We’re Dead’ below:

Jenny Mayhem – ‘Pickup Boy’


Jenny Mayhem is a Toronto-based, Barbados-born musician and songwriter who performs solo and under the collaborative act Jenny Mayhem & The Fuzz Orchestrator.

It is the former that draws our attention on this occasion, and Jenny Mayhem’s brand new single ‘Pickup Boy’. Bright, bouncy and buoyant, it skips along with some irresistible reggae/dancehall vibes as Mayhem’s airy vocals float across a bouncy beat that all combine for what is a super, super catchy tune. Like much of some of the finer reggae/dancehall sounds of old, the lyrical content is more serious than the playful, feelgood tune would suggest as Mayem takes a silly pick-up artist to task. Catchy as they come, the allure of ‘Pickup Boy’ is nigh on impossible to resist.

Listen to ‘Pickup Boy’ below & hopefully wherever you are, you’ve the weather to match it.

Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt – ‘Neighborhood Cats’


Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt began life in Bloomington, Indiana with the outfit’s somewhat mysterious musician, whose name eludes us was whipping up songs in his basement and bedroom to stave away the late-night boredom.

Now based in San Diego, the outfit has released ‘Neighborhood Cats’, the first track to be lifted from their forthcoming new album, Vegas of Feelings, which is expected sometime in July. ‘Neighborhood Cats’ captures their sound perfectly; this is a lo-fi indie-pop sound with a dash of folk, psych and sunshine – with an Elliot Smith, Weezer, and the Beach boys influence helping to shape the sound. An upbeat, bright and chipper riff driven jam, snappy, peppy drums mingle with warm acoustic chords, melodies, riffs, grooves and hooks you could hang your hat on. Catchy, sunkissed and beautiful – it’s great!

Check out ‘Neighborhood Cats’ below & keep an eye out for the new record come July!

Super Extra Bonus Party Share ‘Purple Heart’; Announce Hometown Show


No question, Super Extra Bonus Party are well an truly back in business.

Having returned from a seven year hiatus late last year with scintillating single ‘Switzerland‘, the eclectic Newbridge six-piece are back with 2018’s first offering ‘Purple Heart’ – and it is focused, anthemic and damn near impossible to get out of your head. Gavin Elsted’s melancholic but hopeful vocals are set to an infectious background of cascading crystalline guitar lines, synths, metronomic drums and jolts of electronics. Never ones to let you down in the tunes department; ‘Purple Heart’ is chiming, wholly irresistible and elegant electronica.

And that’s not all. Super Extra Bonus Party have announced a special hometown show, Upstairs @ JRB’s, Newbridge on Saturday June 16, with special guests Ships, Phare & The Comstocks.

Tickets are priced €10/€14 & available here. That’s a hell of a good line-up and a hell of a good price too!

Get yourself acquainted with ‘Purple Heart’ below & the single is out now on 045 Recordings.

SEBP have plenty ore shows lined up in the coming months; at Body & Soul and Castlepalooza with more gigs to be announced

At Dawn – ‘Empathy’


Bringing hazy, dusky electronic sounds straight from the northern heights of warm California is producer, At Dawn.

This young artist already has a number of tasty releases to his name but his latest single, ‘Empathy’ is something extra-special. ‘Empathy’ combines a dusty, dusky and futuristic feel with reverberating sub-bass for an deep atmospheric rumble across the dancefloor. Amid the propulsive, subterranean vibe, there are dazzling twinkles of light sneaking through as a dreamy, uplifting dose of euphoria takes hold. Not only is it a spellbinding track but At Dawn has managed to simultaneously float ever so many ideas, tones and influences, keeping them working perfectly in tandem as it all sits naturally side by side.

Listen to ‘Empathy’ below.

Charlotte & Magon – ‘Yes I Am’


Paris-based duo Charlotte & Magon have an unshakeable skill for crafting catchy cosmic indie-pop; of which their recently released album Lyrical Miracle is littered with.

Following ‘I Don’t Wanna Go’ back in February, ‘Yes I Am’ is the latest cut of magically infectious indie-pop lifted from the pair’s album. It is a slick, super catchy and colourful confection of hooks, twinkling synth bouncy upbeat rhythms and bubbly basslines as Magon takes the lead vocals. Whilst remaining decidedly charming, chipper and powered by pop, ‘Yes I Am’ is the most punky of their carnations, brimming with colourful ideas, it brings to mind the poppier side of the ’80s post-punk new wave and will not doubt paste a big smile of your face.

You can listen to ‘Yes I Am’ below & if that is to your liking, new album Lyrical Miracle can be found here.

Qwasi – ‘Peaks’


Qwasi is an electronic project from Dublin-based music producer and performer Eric Fitzgerald (also of Dublin band Wichita).

For his opening introduction, Qwasi has shared debut single ‘Peaks’, and in all fairness, it is a profoundly wonderful and imaginative first move. A majestic track, Peaks’ moves with a liquid like fluidity, elegantly through a blissful, heavenly world of glistening production, tranquil tones and precise hip-hop indebted beats. Lush, glistening and altogether elegant, it is a futuristic and vividly imaginative sound. The warm glowing allure of ‘Peaks’ is irresistible and with it, we have an intriguing and dynamic proposition on our hands in the form of Qwasi. So, all you need to do now is just sit back, relax and hit the play button.

Tune in and zone out with the blissful tones of ‘Peaks’.