Been Stellar – ‘Everyone Smokes in the City’


Been Stellar are New York-based, Michigan bred indie outfit revolving around the duo of Sam Slocum and Skyler Knapp.

Taking their inspiration from their new surroundings of NYC, their garagey indie vibes are heavily indebted to The Strokes and a plethora of slackerish garage-punk bands. Been Stellar’s latest single ‘Everyone Smokes in the City’ combines The Strokes-esque sounds with NYC as their muse, born as it was from an observation about the prevalence of smokers in New York compared to their previous locale. It is a hazy lo-fi blast of melodic fuzz as pressurised vocal harmonies fizz over hyperactive strumming and snappy percussion. With its high-energy, electrifying chorus and oodles of charm, it, much like tobacco, is rather difficult to resist the temptations of ‘Everyone Smokes in the City’.

Check out the mightily addictive ‘Everyone Smokes in the City’ below:

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