Miles Dismond – ‘Maybe You Love Her’


Miles Dismond is a DIY singer/songwriter based out of Berkeley, CA, whose exploits find a home somewhere between the lo-fi psych-pop of Ariel Pink and hazy psychedelia of early Tame Impala.

Dismond introduced himself to us last year with a couple of sublime single – namely ‘She Doesn’t Care At All’ & ‘She’s In My Head’ – and he has kicked off 2018 in a similarly stylish manner with new single ‘Maybe You Love Her’. The new one is a jazzy cut of earworm psych-pop and one that finds Dismond at his mesmerising best. A melodic and colouful blend of frazzled doses of sunshine and loungey, washed-out vibes, it meanders, slinking, with a smooth and confident air of coolness. A beautiful confection of mellow vibes, mild psych undulations and meandering melodic sensibilities; slick work indeed.

There are rumours of an EP on the horizon too, but for now, latest single ‘Maybe You Love Her’ is plenty to occupy our time with.

Listen to ‘Maybe You Love Her’ below now:

Eldoradio – ‘Pipe Dreams’


Swedish outfit Eldoradio first introduced themselves with debut single Black & Blue in 2015, and quickly followed by debut LP 21st Century Explosive Sound in 2016.

The band returned toward the end of last year with a more stripped-back, melancholic and touching take on their indie-tones single in the shape of ‘Pipe Dreams’. It is a dusky, soft centered, swooning song that greets us with a rather gentle acoustic strum and slide, embraced in turn by a warm organ hum, which swells to swallow all in its wake. Add to that a melodic and melancholic twist, and a distinctive deep drawl filled with feeling and emotion, really bring home the poetic lyrics. An intimate, intricate and captivating song from start to finish – it is hard to not be moved by this little gem.

Hopefully there is similarly superb stuff from Eldoradio throughout 2018 but for now, you can listen to ‘Pipe Dreams’ below:

Aggressive Swans – ‘About You’


Aggresive Swans are Munich-based electro-pop duo of Janko Raseta (guitar, production) and Chris Chlupacek (vocals, bass, flute).

Together, the pairing are already proving to be a particularly potent partners in the ’80s tinged dance tunes, that brings the feelgood, party vibe’ stakes – something their new single ‘About You’ proves pretty resolutely. It is bright, upbeat and fun with phased synth and dancey beats aided and abetted by alluring vocals, forming a seductive sound of modern pop and electronica, infused with the spirit of the ’80s, and an overwhelming sense of wild abandon. The groove, the beats and the melody – just fabulous!

Hopefully we’re going to be hearing more from Munich’s Aggressive Swans throughout 2018 and beyond – for now, ‘About You’ is plenty to be getting on with.

Foresteater – ‘Avalanche’


‘Avalanche’ is the new single from Phoenix-based multi-Instrumentalist singer-songwriter Foresteater aka Mikey Pro.

Formed following a dream about a band playing on an island in outer-space surrounded by electric rainbows – Foresteater formally introduced us to their wares with bright, colourful and catchy 2017 single, ‘Big Deceiver’. Pro and co. have repeated the trick at the first time of asking in 2018 with ‘Avalanche’; a neon-bright, sparkling piece of indie-pop. It is a pure catchy delight, a three-and-a-half sojourn to a space of irresistible sugar-spun harmonies, earworm melodies, alluring guitar-jangle and hooks you could your hat on. A rather wonderful way to reacquaint ourselves with Foresteater who has kicked off the new year in lavish style.

Listen to ‘Avalanche’ below now and if you like that, there’s plenty more where that came from over here.

Mars Motel – ‘It’s Here Tonight’


Mars Motel spent much of 2017 keep us entertained with a steady release of tidy singles, with each one, seemingly better than the last.

Signing off for 2017, the indie-rock trio from Brooklyn, NY – comprised of Sarik Kumar (Vox & Guitar), Wesley Wynne (Guitar), & Justin Lieberthal (Bass) – delivered their best single yet; ‘It’s Here Tonight’.

A big, bold and epic cut of indie-rock, it draws from melodic elements of ’90s Brit Pop and raw, driving rhythms of the early ’00s NYC rock scene, creating a grand, explosive and cathartic track. It draws your focus with its glacial tones, precisely the crisp, ice-cold vocals which grab your attention like the chill of an arctic wind. A phenomenal tune, epic and immersive, with a frosty, foreboding and ominous atmosphere.

You can listen to ‘It’s Here Tonight’ below & if that is to you liking, why not check out Mars Motel’s other goings on from 2017, here.

Yip Yops – ‘Head Home’


YIP YOPS are a US electro-pop foursome who ride a tide of high energy, colourful sounds and a retro wave that harks back to the leftfield sounds if the ’80s.

In 2017 the YY’s announced themselves with the release of their debut EP, Eyes, and recent single ‘Head Home’ reaffirms their aforementioned attributes with some style. It is a deliciously dance inducing and pulsing blend of genres as they let the synths run wild and with abandon on this colourful, bouncy, indie-electro-pop bundle of unrelenting energy. ‘Head Home’ an infectious, neon-bright tune bursting with vitality, a flair for the dramatic. A grandstanding introduction to YIP YOPS – no question.

You can listen to ‘Head Home’ below – you’ll be all the better for it and that’s a guarantee!

Crooked Cat Adams – ‘Lone Bulb’


Crooked Cat Adams is the musical moniker of Portland-based singer/songwriter, Patrick Barry, who has an undeniable talent for evocative lyrics, the craft of songwriting and brooding and emotive Americana-tinged alt-folk.

And the proof, if proof be needed comes in the shape of ‘Lone Bulb’ opening track to his latest, 6-track EP, 1000 Miles To Cordova. A powerful and irresistible track, it sucks you in with a welcoming glow from the warm organ hum, surging onward with a buzz of electricity and joined by a steady strum of acoustic guitars, stabs of electric and flourishes of brass. There is a perfect connect between the raw yet beautifully crafted music and Barry’s voice, which is simultaneously strong and fragile; he makes you listen to what he’s got to say. It is hard to do it justice with mere words but easy to enjoy!

You can listen to the masterpiece that is ‘Lone Bulb’ below. And if you like that, Crooked Cat Adams’ EP, 1000 Miles To Cordova, is available to digest here.

Beev Rations – ‘The Bigger Tricker’


Based in Santander, Northern Spain, Beev Rations is the musical alter-ego of Alan James, a songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, with a loving flair for psych-tinged, country & western flavoured folk jams.

As far as introductions go, you couldn’t ask for more from recent single ‘The Bigger Tricker’. A kaleidoscopic musical mosaic, it serves up a rather special brew of psych flavoured country & americana, rootsy folk and just a lot of off-kilter magic as it clip-clops along its merry way, like many a pioneer heading west out upon the plains. It’s warm, sunkissed and a wee bit weird but most importantly it is incredibly infectious and a joyous listen.

You can listen to ‘The Bigger Tricker’ below now & of you like that, there’s plenty more where that came from, over here!

Introducing: Pomona Dream


Pomona Dream are Swedish duo comprised of singer/composer Sandra Bang and producer Ribbs, and fully fledged jazzy, synth laced hip-pop enthusiasts.

There is a delicate fusion of jazzy hip-hop with contemporary, dreamy indie pop, brewed to create an infectious, fresh and gorgeous smooth sound. Take the pair’s most recent gift to the world, ‘Easy Raider’, imbued with an airy, sunny disposition and snazzy, jazzy textures with a beat that keeps popping and bassline that just won’t let you go – you’ll have it on repeat. It’s predecessor, ‘Tropicana’ is no less irresistible. With some amazing chillout bossa nova and jazzy vibes, this one brings some serious summer vibes and a fabulous flute solo to the fore. Here are but two of many, many solid reasons to let a bit of Pomona Dream into your life – and you know what? You’ll be all the better for it.

You can sample some of Pomona Dream’s finest offerings below now: