Torin Bell – ‘Rain’


Rain is the brand new EP from producer Torin Bell; a collection of three dreamy, fluid and tranquil instrumental jams.

Title-track ‘Rain’ captures the essence of what makes this EP such a joy. Shifting along at its own unhurried pace, this fluid piece of off-beat, ambient downtempo electronica floats along, leaving behind it a woozy sense of dreaminess. Joyful, refreshing and oozing of tranquillity with playful melodies, glistening strings providing a faux shower effect, it is the warped synths which are the pièce de résistance on offer here. ‘Rain’, and the rest of the EP, provide a soothing atmosphere of peace and dreamy respite from the trails and tribulations of modernity. And what’s the harm in that? Absolutely none.

No excuses either for not checking Bell’s work. Listen to ‘Rain’ below and the entire Ambient/Downtempo EP is out via Netlabel Electrolyt now. Listen to it here.

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