Organised Scum – ‘Consultants of Swing’


London based duo Organised Scum – Tom Duggins (Vocals / Guitar) and Sean Canty (Drums / Keys) – are plotting the release of their debut EP, The Rare Gift of Healing next month.

The pair have made their name thus far for peddling melodic, Britpop indebted indie, none more so than their previous single ‘The Rare Gift of Healing’ and debut EP (released in December 2016). ‘Consultants Of Swing’ treads a similar path to its predecessors and in doing so, is one of those tunes that embeds itself into your brain and refuses to leave. ‘Consultants Of Swing’ grooves along with a radiant aura; as guitar, bass, drums and vocals are all glazed with mild dusting of fuzz. A delectable slice of buoyant indie/alternative indebted to Blur, Simple Kid & XTC. Not only is ‘Consultants Of Swing’ a aural delight but it is a wonderfully titled single too.

You can tune into ‘Consultants Of Swing’ below. Yet another marvellous single from the London trio.

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