Σtella – ‘Way to Go’


‘Way to Go’ is the latest single from Σtella – aka Stella Chronopoulou – a Greek artist whose output is known for an ability to mix up genres and disciplines, sculpting off kilter pop gems without a hitch.

The Athens native released her latest album, and follow-up to her 2015 self-titled debut LP, Works For You back in February. Lifted from the aforementioned record, ‘Way To Go’ is an enticing, off-kilter alt-pop gem. It, like the new record, finds Σtella achieving a sense of balance between pop and experimental. A bouncy pop song, ‘Way To Go’ is fuelled as much by the buoyant melodies as it is by an under-stated hint of techno and electro-pop nous. This is artistic experimentation and pushing boundaries met by an ear for the irresistible; ‘Way To Go’ will stick in your head for days and days.

‘Way To Go’ reveals but one side of an extremely talented and multi-faceted artist; for full insight check out the new record in its entirety, here.

Check the video for ‘Way To Go’ below:

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