Something for the Weekend: New Music Playlist #1


A brand new feature on the Gruff channel, a weekly 15-track Spotify playlist series featuring some of the finest new music to prick my ears.

Clocking in at under and hour, it’s an easily digested slice of new music, just in time for the weekend. There’s a nice mix of genres and styles too, allowing me to share more great tunes for your ears, so hopefully it can be a regular feature. We’ll see how it goes, I guess.


Safetalk – ‘Universal

Cinema – Floating (feat. Chris Leech)

Sweet Baboo – Badminton

Gorillaz – Ascension (feat. Vince Staples)

Coastal Clouds – ‘Nothing to Hide’

Touts – ‘Sold Out’

Slow Riot – ‘Pink December’

Los Tones – ‘What Happened’

Magic Bronson – ‘Nervous’

Project Pablo – ‘Morning Shift’

Com Truise – ‘Memory’

H. Hawkline – ‘My Mine’

Shadowgraphs – ‘Eastern Holidays’

Protect the Citizen – ‘Sliding Backwards’

Surrogate Sibling – ‘Derailed’


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