Ablebody – ‘One Dime A Day’


Ablebody are a Los Angeles-based duo with a flair for velvety smooth, pristine pop.

Comprised of identical twins Christoph and Anton Hochheim, their debut album, Adult Contemporaries, was released last month through Lolipop Records. The latest single lifted from the aforementioned record is ‘One Dime A Day’; a dreamy slice of stellar pop-craft, that sparkles with easy, compact melodicism. With it, we are treated to, an irresistible wave of hypnotising, glistening synths, slinky grooves, shimmering guitars and a little bit of reverb. While musically it oozes with retro casual breeziness and a mildly twinkling glam rhythm, ‘One Dime A Day’ is tempered perfectly by the somewhat mournful vocals. In doing so, Ablebody expertly eking out a perfect point between shimmering optimism and despondent sadness. Ablebody clearly have a spark for earwormy pop gems and their debut, Adult Contemporaries most certainly warrants further investigation.

Adult Contemporaries is out now and you can sample the delights of ‘One Dime A Day’ below.

Mowbird – ‘Greetings, All!’ EP | A Magnificent Happy-Go-Lucky Fuzz-Fest


Mowbird have been big favourites around here since bursting into view with their superb debut album Islander back in 2014; a fun-filled adventure in soul-consuming, fuzzy indie-pop.

Since their 2014 debut the North Walian quartet have been pretty quiet – releasing a single with Sweet Baboo & the One-Offs compilation – but that’s all changed with a brand new EP, Greetings, All!. Adorned with all the hallmarks which singles them out as one of the finest purveyors of fuzzy indie-pop, Mowbird’s new EP is a whirlwind of mostly sub 2-minute adventures in fuzzy, fun-filled blasts of scuzzy, sweetly melodic garagey, noise-pop. From the exuberant bursts of energy from saw-tooth opener ‘Pulsator’ to the hyperactive power-pop explosion of ‘My Boyfriend, The Alien’, there is an irresistible alchemy at work. What makes Mowbird ear-pleasing racket is, it is combined with a poppy sheen, catchy harmonies, melodies and hooks; and some stunning organ work (an intrinsic part of their sound). In typical Mowbird fashion, this magnificent happy-go-lucky fuzz-fest will be bouncing round your head all day long.

You can listen to some choice cut from Greetings, All! below or stream/purchase it here.

Duncan Lloyd – ‘FReak FAcade’


Duncan Lloyd is probably best known as the guitarist in Maximo Park, but away from the day job, he’s kept himself busy with various side-projects including Decade In Exile, Nano Kino and solo work under his own name.

It is the latter which requires our attention today with Lloyd planning to release a new EP, FReak FAcade very soon. Ahead of which, he’s afforded us a glimpse of the title track and ‘FReak FAcade’ is a doozy. It is four-and-a-half-minutes of beautiful, wistful meanderings treated with lo-fi fuzz. Bristling with an unobtrusive moodiness, it is permeated with a sense of melancholy and understated optimism. Lloyd’s hushed vocal echoes through the shimmering guitar, which twinkle like stars in the night sky. A tantalising reminder of what Lloyd is capable of on his own; marvellous.

There is no date as yet for the forthcoming EP (watch this space I guess) but you can listen to ‘FReak FAcade’ below. Is is also available to download as a ‘pay what you like’ from Bandcamp.

Queen of Jeans – ‘Moody’

queen-of-jeans by Bob Sweeney

Philadelphia’s Queen of Jeans and their brand of retro, garagey, indie left an indelible mark upon their introduction, close to a year ago.

Since then, they’ve been busy gigging around the US, released a couple of singles, a debut EP and added a fourth member to their crew. The now quartet have just released a new video for ‘Moody’ – shot and directed by Bob Sweeney – it is one of the finest moments from their aforementioned debut EP. A timely reminder of Queen of Jeans’ charms, ‘Moody’ is a six-minute sweeping, broody and mildly psychedelic mix of retro charm, set to enchant you with an enthralling, dramatic and, well, moody combination of lush harmonies twangy guitars, waltzing percussion and haunting, stirring melodies.

You can check out the video for ‘Moody’ below, and their debut EP is here, while you’re at it – it does not disappoint.

Foreign/National – ‘Too Sentimental’


We’ve been keeping tabs on Foreign/National for a while now and they’ve been wooing us with a succession of sublime singles and self-titled EP.

The Melbourne five piece have returned with new single, ‘Too Sentimental’; another similarly sumptuous slice of warped pop lifted from their upcoming debut LP. A gloriously upbeat, addictive and bleary-eyed, psych-pop gem with melody at its heart. Simultaneously dense and fluffy, ‘Too Sentimental’ is colourful, hazy and lightly coated with fuzz, and sends a shiver down your spine. It is a tantalising reminder of what Foreign/National are all about and obviously, another taste of what is yet to come.

No firm date on when the album is to be expected as yet, but for now, get your ears around ‘Too Sentimental’.

Honey Lung – ‘End of Time’


Honey Lung are London trio – Jamie Batten (guitar/vocals), Charlie Gardner (Bass) & Omri Covo Drums – with a fondness for electrifying, fuzz-fuelled adventures in gritty grunge.

Setting out this flair for ’90s inspired lo-fi, grungey fuzz is ‘End of Time’; the lead track from Honey Lung’s brand new, 5-track EP Kind of Alone (produced by Michael Smith (Wolf Alice, Kid Wave, Anteros). Weaving nineties grunge and shoegaze with more contemporary tones of Yuck and War on Drugs, ‘End of Time’ is four-and-a-half-minutes of clattering, reverb-laden guitar heroics, with some added dizzyingly explosive punch and rampaging riffs. Amid the fuzz, stop-start crunchy guitar licks, slinky bass and a chorus that’s dripping in hooks, work in tandem to reveal a power-pop loving side packed with punch. It is this combination that makes ‘End of Time’s infectiousness hard to shake. A triumphant, confident and pretty damn irresistible introduction.

Honey Lung’s Kind of Alone EP is out soon. You can listen/watch ‘End of Time’ below.

Introducing: Ten Fé

Ten Fé are the London-based duo of Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan, who’ve been making serious headway through previous singles ‘Make Me Better’, ‘In The Air’, ‘Elodie’ and ‘Turn’.

The pair aim to make further strides with the announcement of their debut album ‘Hit The Light’; penned for release on February 3 2017. Accompanying this news, Ten Fé have revealed a taster of their forthcoming debut LP, with new single ‘Overflow’. Adorned with all the hallmarks that’s made their name thus far, ‘Overflow’ is ‘indie-music-to-dance to’ and a compelling blurring of the lines between synth-pop, ’80s new wave and electronica. Built around some synth-driven, ’80s new-wave nuances, these combine with guitar lines to create a lush, almost neon quality. Moorhouse’s baritone vocals provide an emotional weight, while ‘Overflow’ is propelled forward by an urgent, vibrant electronic beat and insistent bubbling bass. A stunning distillation of their synthy sound.

The album is coming in the new year but to whet your appetite, you can listen to ‘Overflow’ and ‘Make Me Better’ below.

Mr Huw to release new album; shares ‘Gwendidau’


For a relatively small place, Wales does rather well for itself musically. From the towns and cities, mountains and valleys, Wales has proven an ever reliable source of superb sounds.

Bearing the convoluted intro in mind, one of Wales’ finest talents, Mr Huw, is set to release his fifth album Gwna Dy Feddwl I Lawr (or ‘Make Your Mind Down’ in English) on November 25th. Ahead of the forthcoming record, we’ve been presented with a brand new single and taster, ‘Gwendidau’. Delivered in his native Welsh, Gwendidau’ is an irresistible cut of melodic, lo-fi indie. Catchy as hell, it’s all crunchy guitars, infectious melodies, insistent percussion mingling with mildly psychedelic leanings and Huw’s affable Welsh lilt. Yet another sublime piece of work from a true treasure.

Huw’s new album Gwna Dy Feddwl I Lawr shall be with us on November 25, for now, why not give ‘Gwendidau’ a spin below.

Monuson – ‘Firm Grip’ (feat. Kami Diser)


Scandinavia is famed for it’s quirky, eccentric and forward-thinking music steeped in all manner of experimental tendencies.

Swedish producer Monuson is no exception to this assertion, especially given the evidence provided by his sublime debut single ‘Firm Grip’, Monuson. This one here is a slow churning, gently building, moody and deeply atmospheric blend of downtempo house meets disco. ‘Firm Grip’ is hypnotic, gripping and transportive, it slowly moves through the gears with dark and groovy electro beats toward a climactic build up. Kami Diser’s vocals flit between dazed and dreamy to euphoric vitality, perfectly complimenting Monuson’s craft, who provides brief chinks of light provided by the fluttering samples and stabs of synth to elevate the hazy house vibes. A captivating intro as you’re likely to cross paths with and on this evidence, both Monuson and Kami Diser are names to look out for.

‘Firm Grip’ (feat. Kami Diser) is out now, you can listen to it below.

Introducing: Lucky Beaches


Looking to the past for inspiration is common place in modern music, after all, isn’t everything is borrowed? And when it done well, it can be very rewarding.

A case in point is Lucky Beaches, an artist originally from Liverpool but now residing in Los Angeles. Lucky Beaches latest single ‘Go It Alone’ is an unashamed throwback to a bygone age, carefully crafted with an obvious love and care. Steeped in the sounds and mystique more commonly associated with his native Merseyside, ‘Go It Alone’ is three-minutes of heavenly, classic pop-craft. Waltzing percussion, twangy guitar and a powerful, emotive croon combine for a journey through the time-honoured themes of love, loss, and heartache. Dripping with melody and harmony, it is overwhelmingly endearing, pitch-perfect pop executed with deft touch, elegance and excellence. A great combination.

You can listen to ‘Go It Alone’ and the slightly rockier, ‘Pink Champagne’ below, right now.