Eoin Dolan Shares ‘Dear Brian’, Ahead of Releasing His Debut LP This Week


Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the finest finds from the past 12 months, Galway-based singer-songwriter Eoin Dolan, is releasing his self titled debut album this week.

Out through Citóg Records on September 22nd, Dolan has previewed his debut LP with ‘Dear Brian’ – a timely reminder of the dazzling brilliance of Dolan’s charming, surfy psych-pop. ‘Dear Brian’ radiates all the hallmark’s that have marked out Dolan and his work thus far. It is a playful, easygoing and enchanting blend of woozy, soothing sounds, sinuous melodies, SFA-esque synth work, giddy-pop-playfulness and reverb-drenched vocals. We already knew from his previous releases but ‘Dear Brian’ reaffirms that Dolan has a real flair for twinkly and whimsical, good old fashioned pop gems, with a healthy dose of Brian Wilson, Syd Barrett and Lennon/McCartney (moments) threaded through the fabric of his sound. His brand of surfy psych-pop is totally charming and entirely irresistible, and his debut LP coming this week promises to be just that, and more. Not to be missed.

You can check out ‘Dear Brian’ below and Eoin Dolan’s self-titled debut LP is out on September 22nd, through Citóg Records.

Eoin Dolan also plays Dublin’s Hard Working Class Heroes festival on Thursday, October 7th @ 19:40 in Tengu Downstairs.

The Statics To Release Debut Album In October, Share ‘Say’


Dublin Indie trio The Statics have been charming us with their signature indie-pop-jangle for a while now.

Over the past few years they released numerous wonderful singles and EPs, played a whole host of great shows but the journey has been building towards this point; the release of their debut album and that time has come, that time is now. The Statics will release their long-awaited debut album, See Right Through on October 28th. Recorded live to capture their raw and energetic sound, the first taste of the new album comes in the shape of new single, ‘Say’. It continues their trajectory away from from their jangle-pop beginnings, toward rockier climes. Rawer and grittier it may be but, ‘Say’ retains the bright melodies, twangy rhythmic guitars, bobbing bass and stomping drums that endeared The Statics to us from the start. The album has been a long time in the works, but the wait is almost over.

See Right Through is out on October 28th and you can get a little sample of what to expect with ‘Say’, below.

The Statics play Canalophonic this coming weekend, at The Barge, Friday Sept 23 @ 23:00.

Martha Ffion To Release Debut EP ‘Trip’ In October


Irish-born, Glasgow-based singer-songwriter, Martha Ffion is set to release her debut EP, Trip, next month through Turnstile Music.

The record, which will include the previously released and sublime singles ‘Wallflower’ and ‘We Disappear’, is due to be with us on October 14. We’ve been keeping tabs on Ffion for a while now and the young singer-songwriter hasn’t put a foot wrong, nay, she has impressed at every opportunity. If you’re in need of any reassurances to why this impending EP is wonderful news, perhaps take ‘Wallflower’ as a gauge of the delightful sounds Ffion whisks up. Coated in a light sparing, wash of reverb and an infectious use of melody, ‘Wallflower’ is shimmering guitar pop with a slight ’60s twist. Imbued with forlorn sense of melancholic longing, her powerful croon cuts through it’s gentle surroundings, followed closely by a tougher, grittier and meatier guitar-line. There is something compelling in the way Ffion sings, heavily invested emotionally, what she is saying, needs to be heard. Undeniably infectious, and just one reason to look forward to Martha Ffion’s debut EP.

You can check out ‘Wallflower’ & a stripped-back version of ‘We Disappear’ below. Ffion’s debut EP Trip is out on October 14 via Turnstile and she’s announced a load of UK live dates for October too – check them here.

Introducing: Whenyoung


Whenyoung are a London-based Irish trio – Aoife (vocals/bass), Niall (vocals/guitar), and Andrew (vocals/drums) – who’ve got quite the flair for urgent, driven and fiery punk-flavoured garage-rock.

They sound brash, fiery and driven by a furious intensity. With their debut single ‘See How They Run’ / ‘Show Me How’ earlier in the year, they have made one hell of a first impression for themselves. ‘See How They Run’ is a ferocious two minute burst of vitality that fizzes and crackles amid crunchy guitars, relentless percussion and knockout vocals – fierce and raspy yet simultaneously pleasant. This vocal trait carries over into ‘Show Me How’ which is just as bold, brash and brilliant a squall of screeching guitar noise. Not only is Whenyoung’s sound blisteringly ferocious. it is catchy, hooky and totally irresistible!

You can check out ‘See How They Run’ / ‘Show Me How’ below. Whenyoung will be in Dublin next month, they play Hard Working Class Heroes on Friday, October 7th (The Workman’s @ 22:30).

Mt. Wolf Share New Single ‘Golden’ Featuring St. South


Mt. Wolf have shared a new single ‘Golden’ – featuring Australian vocalist St. South – it follows this year’s excellent Hex EP and precedes the London trio’s debut album, which is to be expected in early 2017.

‘Golden’ is a majestic, delicate and deeply atmospheric electro-acoustic gem. Perfectly backed by warm, delicate and silky sounds – from soft steely guitar chords and light electronic percussion – the true irresistible nature of this song is derived from the mesmerising vocal duet between the St. South and Fox. Mt. Wolf and St. South should make a habit of collaborating. All in all, this is utterly beautiful, elegant and sophisticated sound.

You can listen to ‘Golden’ below – an excellent bridge between Hex EP (from earlier in 2016) and their forthcoming debut LP, coming in early 2017, we hope.

Juice – ‘Angel Of The Azure’


Birmingham band Juice are hardly what you would call prolific, I mean, it’s been three singles in three years after all. That being said, putting the regularity of their output to one side, what they do deal in is quality.

Following on from ‘Sugar’ (2014) and ‘Acid Kids’ (2015), Juice have released their third single ‘Angel Of The Azure’. It sees them continue their flirtations with ’90s style British indie (not necessarily Britpop) in a song that’s not a million miles away from where their story began, while there is also a definite progression bubbling away underneath. Loaded with a feverish energy and attitude ‘Angel Of The Azure’, half hushed vocals (with a hint of menacing rasp) to soars above a swirl of distorted fuzz of screeching guitars, scorching riffs and pounding percussion is meted out. As noted above, they ain’t prolific but when they come out to play, they shine an abundance of indie-rock goodness on us.

‘Angel Of The Azure’ is out now – hopefully (*fingers crossed) we hear from them again soon….. ish.

Milburn Are Back: Return With New Single ‘Midnight Control’


Almost 10 years since releasing their wonderful debut LP, Well Well Well, Sheffield indie merchants Milburn are back in business.

Having gone their separate ways in ’08, Milburn recently reformed for some shows in their native Steel City, selling out four nights in a row and over 10,000 tickets in the process. Re-invigorated, they hit the studio with Bill Ryder-Jones to work on some fresh material and ‘Midnight Control’ is the result. The new single is relaxed, melodic and confidently as good as anything from their utterly lovable debut LP. In short; it is just a really, really good indie tune. While there is no shortage or reunions, many half-hearted and half-baked, this one seems legit and done for the right reasons (some unfinished business and a general love and affection for playing music together). They were an excellent band in their day, and superb live to boot so it’s a definitely a welcome return (for me anyway).

You can check out ‘Midnight Control’ below. It will be accompanied by ‘Forming of a Fate’ when the band release the double A-side single later this month – more on that here. They have announced a pile of live dates (see here) but there are no Irish ones yet, but hopefully they will grace us with their presence on these shores too.