Trails and Ways Share ‘Get Loud’, New Album Out on October 7


Trails and Ways have been drip feeding us tunes from their forthcoming new record Own It, penned for release on October 7th.

The California foursome are one of the best in the business when it comes to sun-drenched, chipper indie-pop. Something emphatically laid out by their wonderfully infectious debut LP, Pathology and most recent singles taken from the new record; ‘My Things’ & ‘Happiness’. Baring in mind the high standards they have set thus far, their latest single ‘Get Loud’ might just be the best thing they’ve produced to date. Lofty praise indeed but this three-minute pop nugget is divine. This is the most charming, smooth and sprightly of indie-pop. ‘Get Loud’ whizzes and fizzes by with mildly skuzzed guitars, delightful fuzz and smiley melodies. Infectious? Undeniably. Brilliant? Most definitely. This is sparkling indie-pop perfection.

‘Get Loud’ is the final single from their forthcoming LP, Own It (out Oct 7) – listen below. Also, the band are running a Kickstarter to get support for pressing the album, making new videos, and doing an autumn tour across the US and Canada. Check the dates here.

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