Juice – ‘Angel Of The Azure’


Birmingham band Juice are hardly what you would call prolific, I mean, it’s been three singles in three years after all. That being said, putting the regularity of their output to one side, what they do deal in is quality.

Following on from ‘Sugar’ (2014) and ‘Acid Kids’ (2015), Juice have released their third single ‘Angel Of The Azure’. It sees them continue their flirtations with ’90s style British indie (not necessarily Britpop) in a song that’s not a million miles away from where their story began, while there is also a definite progression bubbling away underneath. Loaded with a feverish energy and attitude ‘Angel Of The Azure’, half hushed vocals (with a hint of menacing rasp) to soars above a swirl of distorted fuzz of screeching guitars, scorching riffs and pounding percussion is meted out. As noted above, they ain’t prolific but when they come out to play, they shine an abundance of indie-rock goodness on us.

‘Angel Of The Azure’ is out now – hopefully (*fingers crossed) we hear from them again soon….. ish.

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