TOY announce New Album ‘Clear Shot’, Share ‘Fast Silver’


UK psych-rock outfit TOY have announced news that their new album, Clear Shot – the group’s third studio LP – will be released on October 28th via Heavenly.

Following last year’s collaborative album with Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan and producer Dan Carey as Sexwitch, Clear Shot is a proper follow-up to 2013’s Join The Dots. Heralding the new record is single ‘Fast Silver'; a playfully fuzzy, mid-tempo six-minute psych excursion. Shrouded in broodiness and punctured with stabby keys, it takes its time to develop into a hypnotic swirl of guitars and hazy atmospherics, punctuated by flickering electronics and percussion. As far as indications of what we can expect in future, you can’t ask for any better than this; moodily atmospheric yet optimistic and impeccably pieced together.

Clear Shot is out on October 28th via Heavenly. Listen to ‘Fast Silver’ below.

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Hard Working Class Heroes 2016 Line-up Announced


The line-up for Hard Working Class Heroes 2016 festival has just been announced today.

The annual festival will return to Dublin once again, running from Thursday, October 6th to Saturday, October 8th in venues across Dublin, incl. The Workman’s Club, Wigwam, The Chocolate Factory, Odessa, Tengu and The Mezz, with more to follow.

Having been away for the past few years, I’m excited to check out a whole host of acts I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing yet. And of course, discovering some new music too. On a first glance a couple of names immediately jumped out; Oh Boland, New Pope, whenyoungEoin Dolan, A.S. Fanning, Adultrock, Galants, EXPLODING EYES, R.S.A.G, Slow Riot & Rusangano Family.

The full line-up for Hard Working Class Heroes 2016 is as follows:

HWCH 2016:

A.S. Fanning / Adultrock / AikJ / Ailbhe Reddy / Alana Henderson / BARQ / Basciville / Beach / Birds of Olympus / Bitch Falcon / Black Wing Bird / BlueMusic / Brian Casey / Buffalo Woman / Callum Stewart / Chris Kabs / Clarence & The Winters / Comrade Hat / Cormac O Caoimh / Craig Gallagher / Cult Called Man / Dammy Ari / Damola / Daniel McDermott / Davina and the Messengers / ELE / Elephant / Ella Naseeb / Elm / Eoin Dolan / Erica-Cody / Evvol / Exiles / EXPLODING EYES / Fangclub / Fontaines / Galants / Ger Fox Sailing / HAIL THE GHOST / Half Of Me / handsome eric / Harbouring Oceans / HAWK / Hiva Oa / JAFARIS / Jealous of the Birds / Junk Drawer / Kid Karate / Le Boom / Loah / Maija Sofia / Maria Kelly / Miles Graham / moossmann / Naoise Roo / New Pope / New Portals / New Valley Wolves / Nocturnes / Oh Boland / Oh Joy / Orchid Collective / Paddy Dennehy & The Red Herring / Paddy Mulcahy / PALE RIVERS / Participant / Patrick Freeman / Paul Creane / Peppy / Petty Youth / R.S.A.G. / Rocstrong / Rosie Carney / Rusangano Family / Samyel / SARAMAI / Search Party Animal / Slow Riot / Soule / Stephen Robinson / Strength / Super Silly / swords / Tablets / Talos / Tara Lee / Tebi Rex / The Blizzards / The Ocelots / The Shaker Hymn / Tiz McNamara / TOUTS / Train Room / Tuath / Video Blue / Vulpynes / Wake America / Wastefellow / We, the Oceanographers / whenyoung / Whim / WOLFF / Wyvern Lingo / Yonen / Young Earth

Early bird tickets to HWCH 2016 are €35 via DICE until August 10th. After that, weekend tickets will cost €45.00 & €20 for nightly tickets (excl. booking fees).

Hippies Vs Ghosts Returns With Scintillating New Single, ‘II’


Time after time, Hippies Vs Ghosts (aka Owain Ginsberg), has monumentally blown us away with his explosive and experimental union of kaleidoscopic, krautrock sounds. Needless to say, any signs of new material is cause for great excitement!

With that in mind, Hippies Vs Ghosts have returned with a brand new scintillating single, ‘II’, and it is SUBLIME! Possessing all the typical Hippies Vs Ghosts’ brilliance – part psychedelic, part krautrock – ‘II’ is thrust forward through a freewheeling and colourful kaleidoscopic world, with an irresistible groove, blistering instrumentals and scintillating guitars. A ferocious, exhilarating and imaginative four-and-a-half-minute trip; and yet another outrageously awesome tune. Such a unique and vital talent, under the careful stewardship of Ginsberg, this is something we’ve become accustomed to when it comes to Hippies Vs Ghosts – and long may it continue.

You can check out ‘II’ below and if you’re looking for more, why not pop over here and check out Hippies Vs Ghosts’ most excellent back-catalogue?


Applescal – ‘Harmony Two’


Dutch producer, Pascal Terstappen aka Applescal, has long been a firm favourite in these parts. Terstappen’s output thus far has been nothing short of masterly. Always a marriage of both quality and quantity, he’s rarely left us waiting around too long for something new and exciting to listen to, and that’s the way we like it.

On that subject, Applescal is back with a brand new track ‘Harmony Two’, and it is a tune! It is a deep, dark beast of slow burning techno with hard-edged analogue beats, it twists and it turns, delving into deeper and darker sonic terrains. Delivered with pin point accuracy, it expertly exudes an atmosphere of suspense and tension, that builds and transfixes to a glorious climactic finish. ‘Harmony Two’ sounds menacing and threatening, dangerous even. It would be a perfect soundtrack to companion a no-nonsense ’80s action hero, who, against all the odds and the clock battles to save the world. Snake Plissken would dig this shit.

Lifted from a new Atomnation Records compilation, Unfold, Applescal’s new one sits alongside David Douglas & Young Montana?, Koett, Olaf Stuut, Dauwd, Sau Poler, Gidge and more. The whole record deserves much further investigation, it’ll be worth the time. You can check it out here.



Soft Hearted Scientists Share New Double A Side Single ‘The Creeps/ Zeds’

Cardiff based psychedelic collective Soft Hearted Scientists have returned with a brand new double A side single ‘The Creeps/ Zeds’, out August 12th.

Always insidiously brilliant, the collective released their new double album Golden Omens (their seventh LP!), from which both tracks are taken from. ‘The Creeps’ is a glorious tapestry of dark-psych-pop – a seductive, smouldering brew of cosmic synths, watery keys, light percussion, gentle acoustic guitars, hushed, purring harmonies and all manner of sound effects – that delivers a spectacular kaleidoscopic, spectral midnight hour adventure. The most apt description is most likely their own, a “tip of the hat to “Moon Safari” era Air, with added Greek chorus choir, and BBC Radiophonic workshop sound effects”. Whatever the case, those lushly toned, haunting and woozy sounds are utterly mesmerising.

‘The Creeps’ and its companion ‘Zeds’, is out now, along with their new album, Golden Omens. For more info etc. just click here.

Allah-Las – ‘Could Be You’ + New Album Coming in September


Allah-Las have announced the release of their third album Calico Review.

The Los Angeles outfit’s forthcoming 12-track offering follow’s 2014’s Worship the Sun, and will be with us on September 9, via Mexican Summer. Following on from ‘Famous Phone Figure’ is new single ‘Could be Be You’, serving as another teaser for the group’s forthcoming third record. And oh my, it’s a doozy! Finding their groove and sound by melting down parts of the ’60s and ’70s and pressing them into something that is simultaneously vital and casual. Bringing with them all the laid-back hazy, sunny vibes, choppy percussion, racy guitars, and harmony vocals slots; ‘Could Be You’ spills over with psychedelic playfulness and splotches of vintage r&b, garage rock and surf. ‘Could Be You’ is an utterly irresistible and enjoyable rock ‘n’ roll ear-worm, guaranteed to have you heading straight for the repeat button.

Give a listen to ‘Could Be You’ (along with the video) below. Their third album Calico Review is out on September 9th.

Springtime Carnivore Announces New Album, Shares ‘Face the Moon’


LA-based Springtime Carnivore (aka Greta Morgan) has announced a new album Midnight Room, the follow up to her excellent 2014 self-titled debut.

Penned for release on October 7 via Autumn Tone, the record is produced by Chris Coady (Beach House, Future Islands) and features La Sera’s Katy Goodman on vocals, Alex Greenwald (Phases, Phantom Planet) on bass, and Jason Boesel (Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes) on percussion. Ahead of its release in the autumn, Morgan has shared the album’s first single, ‘Face the Moon’. On the surface at least, ‘Face the Moon’ seems as frolicsome as anything from her overwhelmingly buoyant debut but closer inspection reveals something far different. Musically effervescent and dreamy, as Morgan’s vocals easily soaring above the sprightly piano and brisk drumbeat. The lyrics lend a forlorn air of isolation, loss and heartache – describing love as “a cold and distant thing / you can barely see” – it is the juxtaposition between the two which adds the spark to the song. Another dazzlingly slice of indie-pop from Morgan and one that certainly bodes well for the new record.

Midnight Room comes out October 7th. Before then, you can listen to ‘Face in the Moon’ below.

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