Introducing: Class Portrait


Class Portrait is the moniker of New York-based, electronic, indie-pop project fronted by Michael Vaughan.

Previously he had been making his way in the world as house music producer, with a number releases on labels in the UK and Portugal to his name, before trading it in, and stripping down the sound to a guitar, vocal, and a drum machine. Or, in his own words; “a man, a guitar, a drum machine and a dream”. This new project may be in its infancy and judging by his by his debut EP Time Zones, the dream is alive a well. Take title track ‘Time Zones’ for instance. Vaughan’s hushed vocals ride a wave of electronic flourishes and swells of synth, effects and electronics, while the steady beat anchors the slinking, meandering groove. Combined, they ooze an aura of smooth, coolness. ‘Close To Me’ offers indie-electronica from the other end of the spectrum. Uptempo and driven, with a meaty guitar chugging its way through snappy beats and gushes of synth/electronics, while Vaughan’s vocals remain calm, cool and hushed. Bursting with creativity and ideas, Class Portrait’s debut is a wholly irresistible and inspired collection of splendid indie-electronica.

You can check out ‘Time Zones’ and ‘Close To Me’ below and if they are to your satisfaction, you can find the full Time Zones EP, here.

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