Cate Le Bon – ‘Love Is Not Love’

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Cate Le Bon released her latest LP, Crab Day in mid April via Turnstile, and like its 2013 predecessor ‘Mug Museum’; it is wonderful.

Le Bon is a treasure. The Welsh artist is the kind that is difficult to box-off with a taste for offbeat folk but an equal a propensity for psych. Le Bon’s genre defiant sound is equally unique and strange; the oddity, jarring arrangements and musical whimsy probably wouldn’t resonate so much were it not for the moments of melodic sweetness such as latest single, ‘Love Is Not Love’. Le Bon’s powerfully versatile creative voice is there for all to see (or hear), backed by a steady beat, swaying, acrobatic guitar fuzz and keys. A dazzling display of Cate Le Bon’s boundless versatility, ‘Love Is Not Love’ is accompanied by an equally splendid video, filmed in Berlin by director Phil Collins.

You check out ‘Love Is Not Love’ below. And on a side note, if you get the opportunity to catch Cate Le Bon live, don’t pass it up, she was utterly amazing in Vancouver recently.

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