Bousada – ‘On My Own’

‘On My Own’ is the latest in a line of top class singles from Victoria (BC, Canada) based producer, Bousada.

Bousada has impressed us at every opportunity thus far with his infectious, natural, refreshing electronic sound; and his latest cut is no different. ‘On My Own’ is all sultry, smooth and seductive, with an emphasis on dancefloor readiness, synths and bass sounds. There’s some phenomenal beat work on show, with an abundance of interesting and layered sounds and noises, permeated, ultimately by rather cool vibes. But, not for the first time, this, select as it is, is but a backdrop for Bousada’s smooth, soulful and melodic vocals – his voice is the key to everything. Magnificent once again from Victoria’s secret – at this rate, it won’t be for too much longer.

Check out ‘On My Own’ below, now!




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