Freedom Fry – ‘The Words’


Over the course of the past few years, LA-based duo of Freedom Fry have served us with a string of sublime singles; their ability to craft cheery, infectious and feel-good indie-pop is without question.

As accustomed as we’ve become to Freedom Fry’s stellar proclivity for an irresistible single, the pair’s first release of 2016 is all kinds of wonderful. Besides being typically catchy Freedom Fry fare, ‘The Words’ is their most imaginative blend of styles and genres yet. A sort of hybrid, disco-folk, this infectious number slaloms between mildly psychedelic folk pop hauntings and a beautifully bouncy groove laid down over consistent disco beats, electronic pulses and jangly hooks & sing-along choruses. Comprised of husband and wife duo Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll, Freedom Fry seem intent on serving us with the world’s catchiest tunes and there are no complaint from this quarter. Most definitely looking forward to hearing more from Freedom Fry in 2016.

Check out ‘The Words’ below.

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