Introducing: Honey Moon

Honey Moon - Photo by Niralee Modha

Honey Moon are four piece from London, comprised of Sam, Peter, Jack and Zack, they’ve a real talent for crafting 3 minute pop gems.

This aforementioned flair is patently obvious from Honey Moon’s recently released self-titled EP. It is an enchanting and whimsical illustration of classic pop-craft, brimming with sinuous melodies, lilting hooks and jangly guitars. It’s a laid-back, woozy, gentle and heartwarming brand of wistful alt-pop, like a perfect blend of Real Estate with Spectrals. From ‘Ellie’ to ‘Waiting, there is more than a hint of melancholy amid the enchanting haze of the subtle, undulating and ever-so-mild psychedelic tendencies. These are good old fashioned pop songs, pop in the old fashioned sense, played by a band, and with an assured sense of style and class. Not only do Honey Moon have a flair for 3 minute pop gems, they’ve got a right knack for creating tunes the right side of familiar.

You can check out some choice cuts from Honey Moon below or pop over here, to immerse yourself entirely in their lazy day – you won’t regret it.


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