The Statics – ‘Fake Sorrow’


The Statics have been one of Ireland’s finest guitar bands for quite sometime now. Their utterly lovable, infectious and heartwarming indie sounds, have proved pretty irresistible thus far.

The Dublin indie out are back with a brand new single ‘Fake Sorrow’. The new track not only adds to an every growing collection of top quality singles, it, like ‘Get On It’, continues their trajectory toward rockier territory. ‘Fake Sorrow’ offers further proliferation of this rawer, grittier and rockier edge, while retaining their penchant for melodious indie-jangle and adding a grainy sort of early Strokes sound. The latter is hardly surprising given The Statics team up with producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes classic Is This It & Room On Fire). ‘Fake Sorrow’ is pastures new of sorts, but importantly retaining the essence of what, and continues to make The Statics’ such an exciting and endearing proposition.

‘Fake Sorrow’ will be released digitally on November 14th, a launch happening on November 28th at The Workman’s Club, Dublin. Check it out below.


Introducing: Jade Statues



Every now and then, I like to step aside and let others air and share some thoughts on acts/music they feel are much deserving of more attention. On this occasion, it’s my good mate and ‘Millions Like Us‘ co-host, Justin Beats who is here to persuade you of the virtues of Vancouver producer, Jade Status. A big thanks to Justin for taking the time to write this up. Now then, I’ll leave you in his capable hands.

Jade Statues is the moniker of Vancouver’s ambient-electronica experimentalist Jacob Sexsmith. Last month he released a 9-track record, Executive Towers through the UK based Internet label ‘DREAM catalogue’. Previously releasing tracks online through Vancouver’s creative ‘Mountainous Collective’, his 2014 track ‘Phtallo Green’ received much positive exposure. This most recent project sees JS propel his experimental sound into newer, unknown grounds and to mind swelling effect.

A proportion of the JS sound makes you want to throw it through a sizeable sound-system and watch the walls pixelate until they digitally melt. Others are best sampled alone through headphones, preferably with a wide open space to vacantly stare into, that or a blank word document. Sounding like we’ve broken through to the 4th dimension? The Executive Towers digital journey would certainly be my imagining of what that sounds like; swirling vacuous synth, Tibetan mountainside bells, the glitchy inner workings of Microsoft 95, surreal vocals that beguile, as much as they haunt. Sexsmith openly admits such influences as Brian Eno, Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin have shaped his sound, it’s easy to hear this. What’s more entrenched is the deft sampling of abstract vocals, video game snippets and inanimate accapella and borrowings of trap style.

Executive Towers is out now & available from bandcamp, or if you’re into the full immersive experience it doubles as a sountrack to an online surrealist game.


Field Music announce new LP, ‘Commontime’, unveil new single ‘The Noisy Days Are Over’

Field Music 2015

UK art rock duo Field Music have announced plans to release a new album in the new year. Entitled Commontime, it will be their fifth LP and is due out February 6th, 2016 via Memphis Industries.

The new 14-track offering follows the Sunderland pair’s 2012 LP, Plumb and a series of side projects and other ventures, including their soundtrack for 2015 film, Music for Drifters. Accompanying this splendid news is a new single from the forthcoming record, entitled ‘The Noisy Days Are Over’, and it’s a beaut! While lyrically it contemplates ageing and struggling to say farewell to youth, there’s an undeniable Talking Heads vibe going on. Layers of synths, playful jagged guitars skip around the peppy vocal harmonies and interspersed with some jazzy, off-kilter rhythms, with a great saxophone line to boot, before things get very left-field toward the end. It is all done in that funky, proggy, poppy way Field Music are both, great at and renowned for. Brilliant, inspired and almost immediately recognisable Field Music pre-eminence.

Take a listen to ‘The Noisy Days Are Over’ below, and enjoy!

Introducing: Silver Matter


Silver Matter are a Vancouver foursome who play noisy, lo-fi dream pop.

Fronted by Rory McClure, also of Shimmering Stars, they have been tempting us by drip feeding songs that will appear on a six track cassette, which shall be out before the end of 2015. Amid the shroud of murky DIY distortion, ‘Punks Grown Up’ has a gorgeously warm melody and shimmering guitars peaking through as we’re presented with a bittersweet tale of rebellious punks growing up to become rather more conventional. ‘Off Paxil’ is meanwhile, just as warm. A full on supernova of sensory overloads, as they flood the senses with a heady rush of shoegazey noise, with shimmering guitars and semi-euphoric vocals managing to poke through the distortion and hiss of static. Etching out a sublime balance between atmospheric broodiness and undeniably irresistible and warm melodiousness; it is an emphatic and intoxicating introduction. Something tells me you’ll be hearing a lot more from Silver Matter.

Both tracks will be released as a part of a six-track, cassette release called ‘Punks Grown Up’. If you can’t wait that long, ‘Punks Grown Up’ & ‘Off Paxil’ are currently available on bandcamp for a cool $999. You can also listen to them below if you wallet doesn’t stretch that far. 

Fold – ‘A Victim’s Mentality’


Leeds based Trip Hop / Breakbeat / Hip-Hop outfit Fold are gearing up to release their long-awaited and much anticipated debut album, released on November 3rd.

Long-standing BarryGruff favourites, the inventive and experimental quartet have the propensity for the magnificent, producing incredible music blending their enviable creativity with a social consciousness. Prior to their self-titled debut album, Fold have released lead single ‘A Victim’s Mentality’, which exhibits their pre-eminence in compelling fashion. A smooth, lavish and carefully weaved blend of mellow hip hop and trip hop grooves – peppered with brass above and a muffled, dreamy bassline running beneath it – accentuating the natural spoken rhythms of Mr Gee’s eloquent and thought provoking, poetic lyricisms. Absolutely stunning work from one of the most unique and exciting acts around. 

You can listen to ‘A Victim’s Mentality’ below and it is out now. Fold’s self-titled debut album meanwhile, is released on November 3rd – you can pre-order it here.

Oh, and, Fold featured on GruffWuff – a 19 Track Compilation to celebrate 5 years of BarryGruff  – you check out their inclusion ‘That’s It’ here, and download the entire album for FREE too.


Queen Of Jeans – Dance (Get Off Your Ass)


Queen of Jeans are Philadelphia trio – Miriam Devora, Matheson Glass and Nina Scotto – who specialize in retro, garagey, indie indebted to girl groups of the ’50s and ’60s.

This aforementioned penchant is patently obvious from their debut single, ‘Dance (Get Off Your Ass)'; a cracker by any gauge. A woozy, alluring and mirage inducing haze of lush, heavenly harmonies, catchy hooks, and undulating rumbling drums over a laissez-faire, shimmering guitar. These lackadaisical, joyous and carefree meanderings splendidly pierced by Devora’s mellifluous-cooing-to-glass-shatteringly-powerful vocal performance, which is achieved at break-neck speed. Rich, textured melodic and harmonious pop at it’s very finest, and completely and utterly beautiful. ‘Dance (Get Off Your Ass)’ is a marvellous and as strong an introduction to a band that you’re likely to witness. More please.

You can stream ‘Dance (Get Off Your Ass)’ below and, it can be yours, all you got to do is head over to bandcamp and ‘name your price’.


Martha Ffion – ‘So Long’


Irish-born, Glasgow-based singer-songwriter, Martha Ffion (full name Claire Martha Ffion McKay) has been making a bit of a name for herself over the past 12 months or so.

Having released her debut EP in 2014, Ffion followed that with double a-side ‘No Applause/Lead Ballons’, the fruits of a collaboration with the irrepressibly magnificent Lost Map Records. Now she has unveiled ‘So Long‘, the first track from her new partnership with very respected indie label Turnstile (Gruff Rhys, Cate Le Bon, Drinks etc.). Recorded with Suse Bear of Tuff Love, ‘So Long‘ demonstrates a more subtle side to Ffion’s talents with less fuzz and crunch than ‘No Applause’. A blissful breeziness is rendered through a healthy and mesmerising combination of jangly guitars, wistful melodies and forlorn, almost detached but alluring pop vocal. All coated in a sparing, but perfect, wash of reverb, ‘So Long‘ is a sheer treat of classic songwriting of the ilk of the Everly Brothers or The Shangri-Las, with a modern dream-pop sheen. An assured, assertive and spellbinding performance from a musician and songwriter who continues to go from strength to strength. No doubt about it, ‘So Long’ is worth savouring.

Check out ‘So Long’ below & it’s out now via iTunes.