Totalitarian – ‘What I Need..’



Totalitarian is the moniker of Irish electronic producer, Aidan Sheerin, originally from Monaghan but now based in Co. Armagh,

Totalitarian cooks up head-nodding and lavish explorations of genres and styles, taking in all-manner of electronic, electronica and hip-hop influences. Debut single, ‘What I Need..’, is a case in point. In fact, as soon as you press play, the groove and a beat combo proves overwhelmingly compelling, as we are submerged in a sea of breathtakingly lush sounds, choice samples, keys and snappy beats, which maintains a bright, upbeat glow, from start to finish. First fleeting steps they may be, but this relaxed and laid back little gem from Totalitarian, has done more than enough on his debut outing to ensure an eye shall be kept on where he treads next.

You can check out ‘What I Need..’ below and you keep tabs on what Totalitarian is up to, here. He’s currently working on an EP, entitled All To Play For, which he hopes to share with us in 2016.

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