Introducing: Nancy Leticia


Nancy Leticia is a Vancouver producer who has recently released her debut EP, Love Dream EP, through Hot Sugar’s new Associative Music collective, Noise Collector.

Leticia certainly has a preference for PC/computer sounds, creating a retro-futuristic vibe over the course of the wonderful and entirely instrumental EP. Employing a series of subtly integrated samples and sounds, familiar sounding hip-hop beats and Casio-borne pop melodies, she evokes moods, feelings and memories. It’s a magical trip through ethereal, mesmerizing and beautiful sounds; from the dreamy liquid flow of ‘Bitches’ or the synth strutting swagger of ‘Ur Pocket Mirror is Too Big’, or the slightly unnerving haunting twinkle of ‘I Like Your Fake Rose Tattoo’. Wondrous and entirely instrumental electronic jams with a softer and dreamier touch; this is music to get lost in.

There are some choice cut below. You can download Nancy Leticia Love Dream EP for free via bandcamp.

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