Introducing: Sh-Shakes


Sh-Shakes are a psychedelic garage quintet – Luke (rhythm guitar / vocals), Alex (lead guitar), Max (bass guitar), Kieran (keys) & Salem (drums) – from Vancouver.

Embracing the spirit of the ’60s, Sh-Shakes channel in parts, Dylan, the Stones, The Velvet Underground and The Doors, to whisk together an altogether irresistible fusion of west coast surf, garage psych and rock ‘n’ roll. ‘My Own Time’ offers an empathetic, upbeat and infectious introduction to Sh-Shakes. A spirited and raucous thrasher, it passes with a blur of rambling organ work, galloping guitars and hand-claps combine with swashbuckling effect. ‘Little To Life’ meanwhile, applies a gentler, sun-soaked and hazily beautiful approach to the Sh-Shakes mo. Flourishing with a soulfulness and undulating psychedelic grooves that gently ruminate in such a way that Little To Life’ be a lost mid-60s Doors track. They do however, inject some of their own charm into it that makes it feel relevant. Two fine cuts of irresistible psychedelic jangle, soulful groovers that reign supreme in their re-imagining of the ’60s.

You can listen to ‘Little To Life’ & ‘My Own Time’ below & both are available to download for FREE, over here.

The Annulments – ‘So Little To Miss’ + Album News


Formed by friends with a mutual love of old folk, country, blues and soul music, The Annulments are a five-piece group based in Dublin. Made up of Stephen Coyle on guitar and vocals, Claire Fitzgerald; autoharp and vocals, Aoife Ruth; strings and keys, Richard Gill on bass and Niall Colreavy; drums and percussion, their debut LP has been a longtime coming.

Good things come to those who wait, so it’s said at least, and The Annulments debut album, entitled Everything I Lost, is penned for an October release. Their sound flows from a rich source of influences and styles; old Irish and American folk music and the songwriting traditions of balladeers and country and soul songwriters. Informed by these influences, The Annulments debut promises a collection of songs with an eclectic mix of musical styles and lyrical tales, of small towns, big disasters, abandoned dreams and labours lost. It’s an approach which has served them rather well in the past and teaser track, ‘So Little To Miss’, suggests it will continue to do so. ‘So Little To Miss’ is gentle, plucky little number that exemplifies their supreme musicianship and deep, earthy style, as the rich affecting vocals takes centre stage to a backdrop of slowly waltzing, soul and country inflected folk. An absolutely wonderful and timeless track, what The Annulments do best, after all.

You can listen to ‘So Little To Miss’ below and if it is to your liking, you can keep tabs on further details for their forthcoming debut LP, here.

Photo by Dara Munnis Photography.

Mr Huw – ‘Du Llun’ EP

Mr Huw 'Du Llun EP' - Cover

My affection for Welsh music is pretty well noted and that sung in their native tongue. Welsh is a language that lends itself to music rather well, regardless of whether you can understand it or not. Few, if any artists come close to Mr Huw in those regards, and he’s one of the most prolific and finest Welsh language artists there are.

Now residing in Caernarfon, North Wales, Mr Huw makes his return with a brand new EP, entitled Du Llun (which roughly translates as ‘Black Monday’). Huw’s rough and unpolished, DIY style indie/post-punk has a glorious Half Man Half Biscuit aesthetic to it and Du Llun is packed with powerful rhythms, pointed riffs and broached with some infectious melodies and peppered with hooks you could hang your hat on. From the chugging guitar, menacing bassline and thunderous rhythm of ‘Calonau Ni I Gyd’ to the scintillating riffs of ‘Hoel Dannedd’, we’re treated to irresistible, attention grabbing and intriguing tapestry of dark and light. As is Mr Huw’s forte, this tapestry is completed by subversive, witty lyrics, clever wordplay (so I have been reliably informed) and ear-catching choruses, to form mesmerising and rockin’ indie tunes. Mr Huw’s a unique soul; an artist to be treasured, cherished and of course, enjoyed!

Du Llun is released on August 31st through Recordiau Cae Gwyn as a free download and limited edition CD (25), numbered and signed artwork including unique photo of Mr Huw going about his day in Caernarfon – you can’t say fairer than that, now can you? There are some choice cuts below & you can also listen to Mr Huw’s GruffWuff inclusion – ‘Bai Neb Ond Fy Hun’ – of which you can download the full 19-track compilation here for FREE.

Imploded View – ‘We Choose Love’


The summer may be drawing to a close but there’s no harm is trying to squeeze the last drop out of it, is there? With that in mind, Imploded View has bounced back into our lives with one of the most undeniably infectious and danceable tunes of the season so far.

The Longford-based producer’s latest effort, ‘We Choose Love’, is a buoyant electro anthem of love and tolerance, permeated with an overwhelmingly gleeful, summery vibe. Through a slick supply of squelchy synths, bouncy beats, glitching electro-pop hooks and soulful vocals, this giddy, funky manifestation espouses an irresistible groove and bounce of sheer joy. Of course, we shouldn’t overlook the message too; it is one of love, inclusion and tolerance, and a not-so-subtle two fingers to the right-wing spreaders of hate. A fine sentiment, and an equally choice tune.

Imploded View is reportedly working on a new record which is certainly good news but for now? Yeah, you guessed it, you can stream ‘We Choose Love’ below. It is also available as a FREE download here.

Introducing: The Foetals


Manchester lo-fi pop outfit The Foetals is the new project from The Pink Teens‘ (formerly known as Temple Songs) frontman, Jolan Lewis.

Lewis’ preference for fuzz-drenched, nostalgic garage pop is well noted and The Foetals follow suit. Combining fuzzed-up, bleary garage and ’60s pop, together, this band certainly know how to work a good pop tune, as is evident by the finesse of their first two singles, ‘Malted’ and ‘Fine’. The latter hits us with a retro fest of jangly guitars, earworm melodies and muffled drums, but amidst the spritely chimes of nostalgia there is a resounding melancholic and bittersweet sentiment, avouched by Lewis’ heart-tugging croon. Emblazoned with a similar retro vibe, ‘Malted’ is somewhat more subdued. Ambling guitars, meandering rhythms and Lewis’ echoing vocals are coated in layers of fuzz and undulate through a haze of effects with an equally melancholic vehement. Scuzzy but irresistible is the name of the game here, and it’s a glorious alliance crafted in a way to allure your ears.

‘Malted’ and ‘Fine’ are taken from The Foetals’ wonderfully titled forthcoming debut LP Meet The Foetals, which has a quite a ring to it doesn’t it? The album is released via PNKSLM in October. Listen to both tracks below.