Dan Amor – ‘Penwythnos Heulog’


North Walian marvel Dan Amor is held in the highest regard around these parts (and elsewhere too), and his brand new single ‘Penwythnos Heulog’, is a timely reminder of what a bona fide treasure he really is.

Drawn to obscure and different sounds, his wizardry is one of psychedelic playfulness mingling with splotches of spaced out throwbacks and infused with Welsh culture. Retaining an entirely unique sound and style, these elements are fashioned to form delicate songs that an emit an irresistible warmth. Amor’s fabulous latest single ‘Penwythnos Heulog’ (Sunny Weekend in English) ticks all those aforementioned boxes, and in the process, producing a loveable, mildly dizzying and waltzing psych pop song. Pairing a gentle strum and piano, with a big heart-swelling melody, warped spaced-out psych synth and Amor’s acute vocal delivery; it’s infectious, charming and adorable, with a classic pop twist. Dan Amor has out done himself this time. An utter joy to behold.

You can stream ‘Penwythnos Heulog’ below, ahead of it’s release June 26th via Recordiau Cae Gwyn. You can also check out Dan Amor’s GruffWuff inclusion, ‘Can’t Sleep’ – of which you can download here for FREE.

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