Introducing: Energy Slime

Energy Slime is Vancouver psych-pop duo Jay Arner and Jessica Delisle, whose genius odd-ball wizardry, has the propensity the mesmerising.

The pair’s forte is for dizzying collages of shape-shifting, synth laden, psych-pop with swirling textures and filled with ideas spiralling out of control. They made their debut toward the end of last year with the release of New Dimensional, which crammed 10 songs into a jam-packed 13 minutes (or two sides of a 7”). It’s an unforgettable 13 minutes of warm and layered technicolour, often odd-ball, sounds. From the gentle whirlpool of shimmering and lush, but truly psychedelic, dream-pop of ‘Only Clouds’ to ‘Cool Ship II’, a bouncy, bobbing tune, whose neon glow sprouts from splashes of synth and Delisle’s bright vocals or ‘Star On The Ground’. Their pièce de résistance, it is shrouded in a blanket of reverb and fuzz, with frazzled electronics and flutters on synth peaking through, as their dreamy pop is pushed into the experimental, spaced-out zones of bleary psych. Sit back, relax, and allow yourself to be immersed in the spacey, far-out world that is Energy Slime.

You can check out some choice cuts below or stream/purchase New Dimensional now. Energy Slime also play The Lido, Vancouver on June 18th w/ Cult Babies – all the details are here.

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