The Adventures of Bert & Henry – ‘Jet Packs’


The Adventures of Bert & Henry are a pair of galloping troubadours from the ragged Welsh coast.

Fun, lovable and charming, we were introduced to the duo’s delectable talent’s last year with the release of some stellar, one-off free singles. The pair are back, returning with a new single ‘Jet Packs’, and they’ve lost none of their sparkle. ‘Jet Packs’ is a sweet and playfully quirky acoustic pop ditty about cosmic lovers (in Zero G). Utilizing a gentle and infectious strum, twinkly keys and some rather beautiful harmonies, the resulting cosmic love song is simply irresistible. There music exudes a sense of enjoyment and fun and they’ve found a sweet spot, where fine musicianship can coexist in perfect harmony with some fun, off-kilter quirkiness.

Here’s hoping that the next time we’re discussing The Adventures of Bert & Henry, it will be about something altogether more substantial, like an EP or an album. For now though, time to enjoy ‘Jet Packs’, check it out below.

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