Tomorrows – ‘Free’

With an EP expected later this month, Dublin-based band Tomorrows, have unveiled their gorgeous new single ‘Free’.

Wasting no time in following up last month’s stellar debut track ‘Another Life’, the quintet featuring members from Biggles Flys Again, The Chapters, Jethro Pickett and Woodheart, have only gone and done it again with this, their sumptuous second-slice. ‘Free’ blends a gentle sway of wonderfully lush, shimmering and dreamlike textures, soft guitars, smooth vocals and sublime strings that will engulf you in a pleasant state of tranquility. It radiates a resounding aura of calm and peacefulness, taking you somewhere rather pleasant and idyllic where stress simply floats away into the heavens. Taking their inspiration from a broad mix of prog, psychedelic and folk music of the ’60s and ’70s, Tomorrows have refined their own sound. An astonishingly enticing affair and assured step forward, ‘Free’ like its predecessor ‘Another Life’, showcases why Tomorrows offer so much promise.

Don’t just take my word for it, you can check out ‘Free’ below.

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