Introducing: Faith Healer


Faith Healer is a collaboration between Edmonton singer-songwriter Jessica Jalbert and producer Renny Wilson. Together the duo recently released their wonderfully warm and dreamy debut album, Cosmic Troubles.

This is strange, boutique folk-pop, with a vitalised re-imagination of ’60s/’70s psych and power-pop. Bright, warm and melodic, it’s built on sweet, swaying melodies and understated folk harmonies, deft guitar riffs, and exquisite and bewitching vocals, which slice through the strange ramshackle flurries of experimental noise. ‘Again’ offers a gentle, jolly and sun-kissed indie pop escape, ‘Cosmic Troubles’ channels Village Green era The Kinks and the spaced-out undulations of ‘Acid’ meanwhile, are etched with a bittersweet mournfulness. It’s a dizzy, helter-skelter journey as they flit between the past and present to happen upon a gloriously happy retro-leaning psych-pop vibe all of their own – all tied together in harmony.

Cosmic Troubles is out now through Mint Records. Stream/Purchase it from here. Guaranteed, it will warm your heart.

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