GEM_DOS – ‘Veart’

South East London producer GEM_DOS has always been a tough one to place in one genre or another. Each new release has displayed a distinction to what’s gone before and experimentation has become his forte – that and affording us with magnificent tunes.

Recently returned to Blighty, following a number of years in Dublin, GEM_DOS has re-emerged with a new one off track, called ‘Veart’. It continues his preference for the experimental, with this bassy, downtempo and eerily mournful, house indebted cut. Never missing a beat, a classy use of bass combines with some atmospheric synth and a warped and distorted vocal, which morphs into a instrument in itself. Smart, clever and top class as usual.

You can listen to ‘Veart’ below, along with GEM_DOS’s GruffWuff inclusion, ‘Mag D’Allen’ – of which you can download here for FREE.

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