Young Wonder – ‘Enchanted’


Last month, Cork electronic duo Young Wonder released their stunning new single, ‘Enchanted’. With their debut LP, Birth set for release on May 18th this year, ‘Enchanted’ and previous single ‘Intergalactic‘, offers a flavour perhaps, of what’s on the horizon.

Seamless and pleasant, it is imbued with a sense of wide-eyed optimism. An anthemic take on the duo’s distinct and colourful vision of electro-pop, ‘Enchanted’ bumps along, popping and clicking as it goes, with an uplifting vibe, rhythms and sudden bursts of excitable synth. Vivid, vibrant and brilliant, Young Wonder create a sound that is both incredibly captivating and immersive, and Koeman’s vocals, stunning, utterly stunning.

Listen to ‘Enchanted’ below & it’s out now through Feel Good Lost.

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