Introducing: Wilding

Wilding Music

Perhaps you remember ‘Ciaran and Wilding’ from late last year? A collaboration between Super Furry Animals’ Cian Ciarán and Melbourne psych-popper Wilding? You do? Good. If not, here’s a recap. While we’re certainly well acquainted with Ciarán’s many and fascinating exploits. But with regards to Wilding, it’s fair to say, we are less familiar with. Until now.

Wilding is the musical moniker of Melbourne based songwriter and UK ex-pat, Justin Wilding Stokes. Inspired by ’60s-psych, classic pop and Madchester grooves, his music is a glorious collection of playful, jovial and off-kilter pop. Dripping with melody and harmony, it is overwhelmingly endearing, sometimes odd and often tinged with a sense of melancholy. His latest single, ‘Everybody is the Same’ is a triumphant, buoyant and playfully jovial tune, with a simple but bold message; we are all the same. It also captures his penchant for the unusual. The juxtaposition between the off-kilter clamour of unsettling to the sweeping melodies and brass in full swing is so full of verve and vigor. ‘Stuck In The Middle’ offers a different side to his talent meanwhile. It takes a chic blend of beautiful textures, swooning strings, rich sounds, creating an atmosphere of true beauty and tranquillity. In doing so, ekking out that sweet spot between delight and melancholy. All in all, an utterly infectious, loveable and decidedly charming sound.

There are but a few samples for Wildings charming sounds below – if they are to your liking, there’s plenty more on his Soundcloud page, including his debut album, Bird’s Bread. A new LP is expected later in 2015.