By The Sea – ‘At Your Window’

By The Sea - Photo credit - Andrew Ab

Taken from By The Sea‘s second album, Endless Days, Crystal Sky, ‘At Your Window’ is a timely and perfect opportunity to remind the world of the virtues of both the Merseyside quintet, and their wonderful 2014 record.

Synth steeped ‘At Your Window’ offers probably the greatest departure from the band’s signature melodic guitar pop sound. Essentially a duet between Liam Power and Minnetonka, it revolves around a sparse synth pulse and illuminated by subtle, sizzling electronic beats, that combine to convey a deep intimate and wistful air. Taken from the same record, ‘Youth, has kindly just available for free download. A bubbling bass combines with subtle synth, gorgeous melody and drifting, dreamlike atmospherics, that are altogether more akin to By The Sea’s signature sound. A simply super band, if you haven’t checked out either their self-titled debut or Endless Days, Crystal Sky, you should. You do a whole lot worse.

You can check out ‘At Your Window’ and the rather grand video for ‘Youth’ by Dom Foster, below. Download it here.

Photo credit: Andrew Ab.

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