Ulrika Spacek – ‘I Don’t Know’

Originally from Berlin and now based in London, Ulrika Spacek initially formed under the joke that the music would sound like Wooden Shijps trying to cover Television.

In reality, the pairings first track, ‘I Don’t Know’, is an ever so promising slice of warm psychedelia, jangle pop, and fuzz. Opening with a scintillating riff, it ropes you in to reveal a warm and pleasant land of drones, blissed-out guitars that combine in a haze of spaced out sounds, that are topped off with dreamy vocal harmonies. A pulsating, lo-fi psych rocker, that’s utterly divine and soul consuming-ly infectious. Ulrika Spacek have been working on a self-produced record from various rooms in their shared house, suggesting, thankfully, we may not have too long a wait to hear more from the duo.

For now? It’s time to tune in (and zone out) to the wonderful world of Ulrika Spacek. Try ‘I Don’t Know’ below.


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