Hippies Vs Ghosts – ‘Wazo’


Can you really have too much of a good thing? Well not in the case of Hippies Vs Ghosts, the side project from We Are Animal guitarist & vocalist, Owain Ginsberg, the gift that just keeps giving!

Since blasting on to the scene some 18 months ago, under this particular guise, Ginsberg has regularly blown us away with his kaleidoscopic, instrumental Morricone meets krautrock sound. During which time he’s already served up a number of quality EPs, one off tracks and a stunning debut album, Mother Tongue (one of 2014’s finest). In a parting gesture to a rather productive 2014, Hippies Vs Ghosts are signing off with a brand new 7″ single ‘Wazo’, out via Too Pure Records. ‘Wazo’ captures the very essence of Hippies Vs Ghosts; krautrock indebted psychedelia, of epic proportions. Propelled onward by a chugging bass and persistent percussives, it hurtles along at breakneck speed with menacing intent, bending and contorting through a sea of swirling noise and scorching riffs. Urgent, catchy, and oh so irresistible! It’s b-side companion, ‘Hibou Calling’ is a much more tempered affair. A gentle acoustic strum, soft percussion and hushed repeated vocals fuse with some floaty sonic sounding atmospherics to soothe the soul and whisk ones mind away to a lofty transcendental plain. Truly exceptional once again from Mr. Ginsberg.

You can listen to ‘Wazo’ & ‘Hibou Calling’ below. ‘Wazo’ will be released on 7″ through Too Pure Records & limited to 500 hundred pressings – although there’s no confirmed date for the release yet.

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