Introducing: Nano Kino

Nano Kino 2014

There’s a rather meagre amount of information available on Nano Kino, except say that they are a band, apparently based in London and yet another side-project involving Maxïmo Park guitarist Duncan Lloyd.

Nano Kino’s first offering is a beauty, a self-titled two track release that falls somewhere between pensive, yet self assured dream pop and droning reverb laced pysch-rock. Nano Kino slip seamlessly from being immersed in heavy blankets of reverb and fuzz, to gentle whirlpools of shimmering psychedelic dream-pop. Centred around an as yet unknown female vocalist, who’s powerful and evocative voice is the centre piece from which everything else is built. ‘Bike Ride’ sees subtle and refined percussion met by a driving guitar line and all soaked in a fuzzy lo-fi veneer, the perfect backdrop for her vocals (the sweet harmonies in particular) to shine. ‘L Song’, the pick of the two, sees her dreamy pitch ushered toward the slightly more experimental, spaced-out zones of hazy psych-pop. It just washes over you with such an ease, shimmering on it’s merry way, it fashions a perfect balance between pop and the psychedelic. Rather inspired stuff, of which, hopefully there’s more to come, and soon.

You can listen to both ‘Bike Ride’ & ‘L Song’ below & if they tickle your fancy, they can be yours, just ‘name your price’ here.

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