Cate Le Bon – ‘Duke’

cate le bon 14

Welsh songstress Cate Le Bon will release new single ‘Duke’ in September, the 4th to be taken from her album Mug Museum.

Mug Museum is a such sublime piece of work, filled with so much alluring charm, that although released last year, it has been the soundtrack to my 2014. And what of the new single ‘Duke’? Well, it is bestowed with all the wondrous majestic brilliance that makes Mug Museum such an irresistible and utterly bewitching, beguiling and beautiful record. It arrives with a sort of dazed drone of awkward, kind of funky rhythms met with precious, off-kilter melodies, which create a woozy haze, providing the perfect backdrop for Le Bon’s rich and beautiful vocals. There is something about her thick Welsh accent and lilting elocution that just makes her voice swirl around words and utterly consume you. Le Bon’s gentle delivery can make her seem like the shyest of characters at times but with ‘Duke’, we get two sides, as she sweeps from the gentle to belt out some high-pitched soprano notes with the climax of ‘Duke’. An absolutely marvellous talent, one that would exhaust the use of superlatives.

While we’re on the topic of Cate Le Bon, she will also be releasing a limited edition 7″ of ’He’s Leaving’ (which I previously waxed lyrical about here) and ‘Solitude’ (which is just a fantastic). It’s a tour-only seven inch pressing to coincide with her UK tour in September.

You can give both ‘Duke’ & ‘Solitude’ the once over below. And if you’ve not do so already, check out her latest LP Mug Museum here (and I strongly urge to do so).

Girl Band – ‘De Bom Bom’


Dublin’s Girl Band have already proven themselves masterful in the way of scraping, dissonant noise-punk and clearly not content with releasing one of the best Irish songs produced this year, they’ve gone and done it again.

Girl Band have followed up their sprawling 6-minute plus industrial stomp of gut-wrenching and desolate post-punk rock that was ‘Lawman‘, with an abrasive three minute monster called ‘De Bom Bom’. Do not be deceived by the jovial title, ‘De Bom Bom’ is gruesomely intense. It is an agitated coming together of rattling guitars, fuzzed up bass and frenetic drumming, which are angrily spat over by Kiely’s screeching vocal, basking in the glorious industrial rhythm (one which Nialler9 rightly pointed out, comes across like Daft Punk’s ‘Rollin & Scratchin’). It is yet another stunning example of what Girl Band have in their arsenal -a characteristically loud and breathless mass of angry, brutal and ugly vented anger – in a good way of course.

‘De Bom Bom’ is out September 1st on Any Other City. Listen to it below & pre-order it here.

REID – ‘Singapore’ & ‘Fractures (Feat. Slow Skies)’


It seems like an eternity since we heard anything from REID. It’s certainly been a while, far too long an absence in fact, but the Cork producer (he’s from there, he’s not a maker of cork) is set return with a new EP, Fractures.

The six-track Fractures EP will be released on August 11 through M:UK and will feature contributions from Slow Skies, Woman’s Hour and Sam Mason. Ahead of the EP’s forthcoming release REID has presented us with two tasters of what’s to come in the shape of ‘Singapore’ & ‘Fractures (Feat. Slow Skies)’. ‘Singapore’ is an instrumental affair with a nocturnal, late-night vibe to it as gentle bass hovers above some punchy piano chords and quite snappy percussion. While the aptly titled ‘Fractures’ is moodier, sounding and feeling delicate enough as though it could crumble at any moment, as it flirts with directing you to the dancefloor before shrinking back to skirt around the edges. Always one for the ghostly, dusky yet vivid cuts, REID has provided two superb tracks, what we’ve come to expect from the Irish producer and what has made him an exciting proposition. It’s good to have you back Sir.

You can stream both & download ‘Singapore’ below.

The Bug – ‘Void’ & ‘Function’


The Bug is set to release his first new album in six years, the forthcoming Angels & Devils is due out August 29th on Ninja Tune, and follows 2008’s unforgettable, London Zoo (and last year’s superb Filthy EP notwithstanding).

Angels & Devils is said to be split into two distinct themes, exploring light and dark, and boasts a rather large list of collaborators – including Liz Harris of Grouper, Death Grips, Flowdan, Warrior Queen, and Manga among others. To get us even more in the mood The Bug has released two tracks from the new record, called ‘Void’ and ‘Function’. On ‘Void’, Grouper’s Liz Harris provides the angelic side, whose ethereal abstract vocals drift over an unusually restrained, almost ambient instrumental Bug backing. Uncharacteristic as it maybe, it works decidedly well. If ‘Void’ is the admittedly softer side to The Bug’s psyche, ‘Function’ is diametrically opposed, as we head into more familiar territory. ‘Function’ is an absolute beast. A brash, bruising beast of uncompromising rawness complete with huge distorted horns, hard-hitting drums and slick and frantic rapping from Manga. Together, the two songs demonstrate the diversity we can can expect from the Bug’s upcoming LP. Effortless originality and attitude, as ever from one of the most exciting producers on the planet.

Angels & Devils is out through Ninja Tune on August 25. Till then? Cast your eyes (and ears) below to stream ‘Void’ & ‘Function’.

Spies – ‘Moosehead’


Spies have been one of the most promising young bands in Ireland for quite sometime and have always sounded like seasoned professionals, even back in their earliest beginnings around 2011/2012.

The Dublin five-piece Spies are back with a single called ‘Moosehead’, which is accompanied by b-side ‘Yearner’. The new single adds further dynamism, taking their searing post-punk/indie-rock sound toward the expansive, dark and dissonant regions of post-punk. The late ’80s style guitars soar epically above the krautrock-esque rhythm section that rumbles along at pace, giving it one hell of a groove, all the perfect backdrop for Broderick’s powerful and commanding vocals. Having been partial to these guys for quite sometime now, yet say apart from a fleeting mention here and there, Spies have remained rather bizarrely absent on here. Hopefully this goes some way to rectifying that situation. This is the sound of a great band, oozing with confidence and delivering with style.

‘Moosehead’ is released on August the 4th and you can listen to it, and b-side ‘Yearner’ below.