Introducing: Sleaford Mods


Sleaford Mods are Lo-fi English punk duo of Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn who’ve been grunting through gritted teeth since ’08. The Nottingham duo have five albums to date including Wank, Austerity Dogs and a singles collection from last year, with number six, Divide and Exit arriving at the end of this month.

Williamson is the chief rabble-rouser, both scathing and sardonic, he is a man who airs his gripes and grievances, of which there are many, with a combination of vitriolic anger and acerbic wit. Williamson’s righteous, infectious ranting, which are as quotable as Half Man Half Biscuit, is strewn among grimey beats and wiry post-punk guitars from Fearn. While owing as much to hip-hop and grime as to post-punk; Sleaford Mods are the modern inheritors of the brilliance of Mark E Smith, Shaun Ryder and HMHB. Sleaford Mods might not be for the faint of heart as they lay bare a grim tapestry of the ails that face the modern working class Britain, but there’s an endless supply of tame, middle-of-the-road bullshit in the world. We’d all be better off for hearing their expletive strewn anger and righteous, infectious ranting – well – I am for one.

Divide and Exit is out on April 28th and you can check out’My Jampandy’, ‘McFlurry’ & ‘Tied Up in Nottz’, the latter is taken from the forthcoming LP. Hat tip to Nialler9 on this one.

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